Friday, September 10, 2010

I stand corrected

While it is true that there is a long and well documented history regarding the symbiotic relationship between quilters and cats,
His Royal Beariness would like to point out that animals of the feline persuasion are not the only domestic quadrupeds capable of helping their resident quilter to make better quilts.
He feels that his self apponted role as quality control oficer has been undervalued
[ seen here checking whether my points pass muster ]

... that the long and arduous hours that he has put into ensuring the wedding quilt can pass the Bear Standard have been completely overlooked

Consider yourselves told, okay ?

and you'll have to forgive the very foreshortened photo but the thing is just getting too d**n big to photograph head on without moving the furniture - which I will do when the other two borders are on and mitred, but not now


Ozjane said...

I wondered how long it would take for his Bearness to show his beautiful face.
Of course he has to be part of it all. His hair is as good as that feline stuff.......LOL

Jessi said...

I wish I had a dog to help me with my crochet!

Also, I know you told us how big the quilt was, but that photo is the first one where I could really picture how big the quilt is. You deserve some sort of medal for that!

Alwen said...

What did I hear that called?

Something like "Creative use of specialty fibers"!