Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As promised

here's a slightly better pic of the newest shawl in my handspun alpaca

and with no attempt at a segue

so far this week has involved:

dance class [ Line dancing and yes, I know it's daggy ... it's exercise people, exercise ]
gardening - or more specifically weeding, weeding and more weeding
knitting [ cast on a new shawl, and rediscovered a three quarters finished pair of wristwarmers that I now won't be able to wear till next winter ]
quilting [Yes, new quilt. The wall looked so bare. Yes, I know there are UFOs I could be working on. Your point is ... ? ]
another dance class [ clogging over at Daylesford ]
and that was just Monday!

Purl's Princesses knitting group @ Daylesford [ 45 kilometre drive each way on a perfect spring morning ]
clearing the block [ raking, piling and bonfiring* ]
more quilting
some falling-in-a-heap
almost nothing remotely resembling housework

MORE clearing-the-block
first time @ a Zumba class
and back to the raking, etc
a bit of quilting
no knitting at all
and choir tonight

I think I might just crawl over to the couch and collapse for a while now if you don't mind

* fire ban season will be on us in about a month, hence the frenzy of clearing as much as possible of the detritus bought down over winter, and burning while we can. Ten acres of bush can carry quite a fuel load if you don't keep on top of it ... and ... my inner pyro thoroughly enjoys a good bonnie.


Marcie said...

Beautiful shawl! And the new quilt looks promising... but have you ever heard of the concept "take it easy"??

catsmum said...

heard of it ? yes, just have trouble DOING it ... and then the FMS kicks in and I fall in aheap for a while.
I don't expect this to last ... maybe it's Spring Fever ??
btw you coming this Sunday ?

Lisa L said...

Simply wonderful work!

Allison said...

The shawl and new quilt look lovely. And the shawl looks really warm -- though I gues that's not big on your list of needs right now, is it?

[ Line dancing and yes, I know it's daggy ... it's exercise people, exercise ]

But it looks like such fun. It is, isn't it?

Alwen said...

What a beauty.

gayle said...

The new shawl looks soft and cozy and perfect!
You've really got your dancing feet working full time, don't you?

colleen said...

The shawl looks great. The quilt is starting to look faulous.

Sheepish Annie said...

All I can think to say is, "Wow!" But that seems rather inadequate...