Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cue Julie Andrews

dum dum-dum, dum, dum-dum, one two three, one two three

and whiskers on kittens...
yes it's still raining sporadically and REALLY came down last night.
Freaked out cats
Pissed off wet goats
no outside work today

reading :
just finished Eat Pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert... brilliant read.
currently reading Onion Girl by Charles DeLint ... engrossing but uncomfortable

crochet Christmas snowflake tally: 9

David, myself, goats and cats: all fine [ even if some of us are a bit soggy]
but Chris and Maz who were supposed to be staying Friday - Wednesday are not up here because he has a dreaded lurgy of some sort :[ and while I'm selfish enough to be glad that he started coming down with it early enough to keep his germs at home, I'd rather he was well and they were up here.
plan for the day : numerous cups of tea, more snowflakes, Dr.Who marathon

Oakley has appointed himself spokescat for the the feline members of the family and has just pointed out that there have been no moggy photos, gratuitous or otherwise, since October 10. He and the girls feel quite strongly that this is unacceptable.
my cat likes to hide in boxes

ETA just off the phone - my cousin Katharine gave birth to Sasha Annabel yesterday. 6lbs 13oz and a textbook perfect delivery.
My uncle Ross [ the proud Grandpa ] is only 11 years older than I am and they had katharine quite late so we have the situation where my first cousin is younger than my eldest.


Sheepish Annie said...

Lots of rain here today, too. But this has made a perfect day for spinning and such so I'm good!

Thanks to Oakley for suggesting kitty pix! I do love pictures of kitties in boxes...

TinkingBell said...

Lovely rain (after so little) Cats also like large brown paper bags! And it's all very Julie andrews there - with snowflakes and goats and goatherds and whiskers on kittens)!

Sara said...

We just had the obligatory gray skies - no rain...

What is it about boxes and cats! Killian loves boxes!

Hope you have a peaceful week-end!

Alwen said...

Rain, what a blessing. All the more after it's been dry, eh!

Robbyn said...

DeLint is always like that to me but I still keep wondering why he doesn't write faster so there's more for me to read :)

Your Oakley and my Goldie seem to have run through the same gene pool somewhere along the way :)

And very best wishes and congratulations to your cousin and family!

Tanya Brown said...

Funny thing: in looking at your rose photos, I caught a hint of rose scent in my nose. The mind is a powerful thing, it seems.

Raindrops, roses and brand new babies. What could be more perfect?

Laume said...

Tag, you're it. If you want to that is. Go here to see what to do next -

Laume said...

No problem. I hate the asking folks to do something part. I did it only because I hadn't been tagged yet.

I liked Eat Pray Love. She married the guy - found that out online. I haven't read Onion Girl yet but I love DeLint.

Rain sounds good now that I don't have to go over the mountains any time soon. Knock on wood. Dr. Who sounds good too. I'm so behind. Never enough time when I'm alone and can hog the t.v. for a marathon.

MadMad said...

Congrats on the new clan member - I will be spending the rest of my day getting A Few of My Favorite Things out of my head.... thank you! :)