Wednesday, November 21, 2007

consider this a warning

If you're feeling a little Christmas phobic,
if the tree counter in the sidebar gives you the screaming heebies
best look away now.
In fact you might want to avoid this blog completely till the New Year

Once upon a time I used to start putting up the Christmas stuff on the first of December. That was in the days when I could do it all in a day or so. Gradually, I made and acquired more stuff, it took longer to get done, and so the starting date crept forward to the weekend before the start of December.
Which would be this weekend coming
... except that Chris and Maz arrive tomorrow and I prefer not to have anyone here for the first day or so because it's complete and utter chaos as I dust, wash and put away the blue things and drag the boxes down from the shed, allocate them to their respective rooms and go at it. Yes, I know that Maz would understand why the house is a mess.
Yes I know that she'd want to help and believe me, this isn't close to finished yet, so I'm sure there'll be plenty still to do
Maz is known to do a fair amount of the Christmassing herself... but ... I want to enjoy my guests and not be buzzing around like a blue arsed fly, making them feel in the way.
So I started yesterday...
slight pause to allow for the squee of seasonal joy from Sheepy...

and here's a not at all gratuitous shot of Oakley 'helping' by jumping up onto the buffet and demanding that I tell him what a gorgeous boy he is.
another brief pause... this time for you to admire last week's RFO directly behind His Royal Fluffiness.

... and anyway, after I'd finished my devotions before the altar of male cat perfection, I tried to remove him so that he wouldn't upset the skinny Santas who are always a little precariously balanced at best... and
I knocked the whole row over ...

ETA this is driving me flamin' bonkers
the all too familiar scenario transpires thus:
a commenter says " no photos" so I check - photos seem fine - I even comment back to that effect. Then I check back an hour or two later and ... the Catsmum she no see the photos ...
grrrrrrrrr. So then I go through all the rigamarole of putting them back but now there's those little white outlined boxes where the photos used to be and for all I know, in some RSS feed version floating around, there are two sets of the same photos! Can someone tell me why Blogger hates me specifically??


crazyhaberdasher said...

Would it be possible to put a little blue tack under the Santas'?

crazyhaberdasher said...
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catsmum said...

well maybe not UNDERNEATH because they're sitting on vintage lace but thanks to your suggestion they are now blue tacked to the Japanese black laquered box behind them.
Thanks clever clogs :]
Sometimes I just don't see the forest for the trees.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm actually in good shape for the holidays at this point so have at it! I'm all ready for some Catsmum Christmas Cheer!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously...I have been looking forward to this. I may have already mentioned this once or twice. Or three times. Maybe four.

TinkingBell said...

Couldn't see the photos - so sad - I love Christmas, but due to little vandals Chrissie decs don't go up till the weekend before christmas - even then, last year Destructoboy knocked the tree over 3 times - to howls of disappointment I blame husby's relatives ' You want Auntie Kaye here when we do this. don't you?' - Works a treat!

Sheepish Annie said...

I couldn't see the pix before...but they're there now! It's like there is some sort of nefarious photo thief lurking on your blog or something. I'm glad they're there now, though. Love that Oakley!!!

Carol said...

What an absolutely fabulous picture of your kitty with the santas. That would have to go on a Christmas card surely !!!

Tanya Brown said...

Oh my goodness! Even your goat friends have on festive attire!

Alwen said...

Our son is just in cat-photo heaven this morning between Oakley and the cat sweater photos on Crazy Aunt Purl!

If you go to and check out the Blogger help group, it's not you specifically Blogger hates, but it's sure not loving photo uploads! The "Image Uploads Errors" topic has 405 posts to it.

mehitabel said...

Blogger sometimes eats my pictures, and always gives me fits about spacing them. Oh well, I figure I'm getting what I'm paying for with them! Your pictures make me feel quite festive, and I can tell I will be coming back often since there's not going to be much decorating happening here at The House of Ruin!

Anonymous said...

The cat in the santa suit is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. He has such a kissable face.
Oakley is a very posh cat isn't he. Beautiful name for a beautiful boy.