Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Big sigh of relief [ part 1 ]

The Vet called... Ms Rosie's CAE test [finally] came back negative.
We still need to retest in 6 months just to be sure but colour me relieved. It is a truly nasty disease and incredibly contagious. Even though she hadn't had any contact with the rest of the bloodline for about a year when they were diagnosed, there was still a real possibility that she might develop it once she had kids because the actual virus is usually passed on at birth or in the milk and just lays dormant until the stresses of kidding bring it on. With how run down she's been lately, I was trying to prepare myself just in case... not that it worked. I've been a lot more upset about this than I let on and felt a bit weepy after the Vet called.
Anyhoo, one of the side benefits of her test results [ apart from the reduction in my stress levels, that is ] is that I don't have to pasteurise all the milk that I feed Ruby anymore. Heating it up to 75 degrees C / 167F and then the resultant wait while it was cooled to drinking temp. is a chore I can now happily now do away with.
As you can see we're beginning to get into the Christmas spirit here Chez Catsmum
... is it too early to send you Christmas Bleatings?


Sheepish Annie said...

Comment #1: Yay for Rosie! I'm so glad that she tested negative. You must be sleeping better!

Comment #2: Oh-oh-oh-oh!!! Lookit the header!!!! Lookit all the pretty Christmas stuff!!! It's starting! It's starting!!! The Catsmum decorating is moving into overdrive!!! Color me happy!!!!

Comment #3: I have spent nearly 12 months patiently waiting for the holidays so I can live in your world for a little bit. You'll have to tolerate me from now until December 26th. I can't promise that I will be able to contain myself.

Comment #4: Please tell me that you didn't really burn your spinning wheels. I don't think I could take the guilt...

catsmum said...

No Sheepie I didn't - but I felt like a complete imposter after seeing your laceweight. I've basically done B*****all spinning since early this year.

Jejune said...

Phew, very glad Ms Rosie is OK!

I honestly don't want to know about Christmas this year, I won't have a chance to even start to think about it until about 2 weeks beforehand... aargh! But I love what you've done to your Blog - very festive!!