Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Tour day 4

Even though the decorating is pretty much done - just one tree to go - I'm sticking to my 'one room a day' schedule as far as the blog posts go so
today it's Nadie's room, otherwise known as the Guest Bedroom if she's not up here.

not much in the way of decorating in here - the Log Cabin Christmas Tree quilt was my own design, made in the early 90s, although I've since seen similar - I guess if an idea's simple and obvious enough, multiple people will think of it.
ETA for the quilters: you might want to click for big on the tree quilt and check out the insanely , painstakingly perfect matching of the checked fabric on those mitred borders. To swipe Caity's line, I am now a RECOVERING perfectionist.The geisha tiles were birthday pressies in 2003 from two dear friends, and the rest pretty much relies on seasonal coloured candles... and bears. bears are always good. I just realised, looking at the photo, that the big brown bear doesn't have his Christmas hat on yet. Now where is it I wonder?

and completely off topic - this is Missy at the 'Cat TV' intently watching a tiny skink on the bricks.
Later it was a smallish frog who was very quickly relocated to the dam.


Alwen said...

Such lovely Christmas frou-frou!

We used to have a dog who would sit in my chair and watch the birds ("Dog TV") on the window feeder.

Robbyn said...

I love, love, LOVE the Christmas Tree quilt - it may be a simple idea, but it's sensational.

You're always such an inspiration :)

My cats look out the kitchen windows at birds and squirrels or sit on the gerbil tanks in the livling room. Oddly enough, neither of them have the slightest interest in the fish!

Sheepish Annie said...

OK...I'm really, really going to try and get the tree up this weekend. I must get some of that holiday spirit in here! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Sara said...

Oh, I do like both of those quilts - the tree one is adorable.

The other quilt - is very nice - and hey, we all have a quilt or two or even three that are what we consider learning quilts!