Wednesday, December 01, 2010

... and so it begins

"T'is the first day of Summer here in Oz, but you'd never know it by most of the country.

The unseasonal weather continues.

Significant percentages of the dirt road that I need to traverse to get from MY dirt road to the Highway. were last seen floating down the creek formerly known as the Castlemaine Golf Course,
In addition, my shed was [ mildly ] inundated, and the 9 hay bales parked - I thought - sufficiently high and dry in the carport ... weren't.
But enough of that.

It's time for you all to grab a glass of something festive, perhaps some shortbread, maybe a mince pie or a bite of gingerbread, because it's time to set off on Day 1 of the Official Catsmum 2010 Christmas House Tour.
If you're new to 'The Tour' you may need to pace yourself ...

We'll start you off slowly - think of it as getting acclimatised at Base Camp before the ascent on Everest - at the far end of the house from where I intend to end up in a couple of weeks

This is my semi-Victorian / Edwardian bedroom.

His Royal Beariness declined to move so just consider him a furry decoration, okay ?

seasonally appropriate bedlinen [ but as the room is green and cream that wasn't too much of a stretch ]

'crystal' garlands on my great grannie's cedar tallboy,

and the 1920s tea-trolley that the tellie sits on ...

which, as you can plainly see, also houses
a collection of mainly cream Saint Nicks and angels:

the tall skinny Saint Nicks were presents from Maz and Chris, the little white wooden one behind the WillowTree angel is one that Nadie bought for me back in July [ along with red and green versions which you'll see another day ]
and I made most of the others.
The tree in here is a small one and , because it's my tree, and I can put whatever I like on it [ well, obviously, I get to do that to all the trees, but you probably get my drift ]

it has:
vintage and not-so-vintage scissors, vintage sewing tools and knitting gauges, a thimble case, as well as an assortment of stars, baubles and angels [ and one very elegant cat which is actually a brooch ]

and tomorrow we'll move on to ... whatever room I decide to photograph next.


Rose said...

Oh my goodness! There's MORE! I love it so far, and I am in awe. My Christmas decoration has consisted of pulling red and green roving to the top of the spinning pile and turning on Christmas music on the Ipod. I bow to your Christmas decorativeness!

Anonymous said...

I am looking farward to the rest of the tour .... and it was great to see the tall Santas ... I have two of them!

Despite having a large collection I rarely see any matches anywhere!

Judy B

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I love your style! My type of bedroom :)

Donna Lee said...

I love the Christmas tour. I leave the bedrooms undecorated. I like to have a quiet un decorated spot to cocoon in after work. I couldn't find minced meat in the store to make my husband his pie. I'll have to try another one since it's one of his favorites

ozjane said...

Oh stop it....I cannot cope with bedrooms......I am sure I cannot cope with a bedroom......but then I will have Christmas blues bound by maybe we shall have to have bedroom blues..........LOL
Until the Christmas Dresden is quilted.

Alwen said...

Oh yes! This is going to be fun!

And you have AC this year, which I can testify, even if you don't need cooling, wrings the water out of humid air.

gayle said...

I'm a non-decorator, so I can only look on with awe. I love your tree and the Santas.
I'm glad you're only doing one room at a time on the Tour, and giving us time to acclimate...