Sunday, November 28, 2010

I's helpings Mum decorates

With - or despite -the input of various four-legged 'assistants' [ and I am using the word in its loosest form ], the festive decorating has been completed in time for the arrival of various crafty friends and relations later this morning.

Even in the face of inundation of near Biblical proportions,

they are braving the water, and the potholes, and I expect these hardy souls to arrive armed variously with their quilting, crochet, knitting, spinning and embroidery ... oh and food ... lots of food.

David was busy after tea last night, creating his own culinary contribution : mini plum puddings

and in a tenuous water-related segue:
This rare sight is the overflow pipe from my dam doing what it is designed for

... overflowing.

With summer only 3 days away, and after the wettest Spring in a dam[n] long time

the dam is full

and thousands of litres of precious water are disappearing down the road
and I can't emphasize this enough
[just in case you missed it ]
the dam is full
for the first time -or so I am reliably informed by the previous owner - since 1996

did I mention that the dam is full ?


Leah said...

Wow - that's a fabulous reason to celebrate :)

Jan said...

How lovely to have the dam full. Take lots of photos.

Your assistants are perfectly able to have that term used of them. The verb "assister" in French means " to be present at" not "to assist." So they were there, quite obviously. said...

Have a party, buy a lotto ticket to build some new ones.

Lizzie said...

So's mine (dam full) it's where the ark is floating ready to get me out 'cos both driveways are rivers :o)

SheilaC said...

Yay! for plenty of water (and then some!)

Can't believe the kitties thought laying on the garland was comfortable :)


lisette said...

hope you're ok - all the news reports said that castlemaine and daylesford wee cut off by water!

lisette said...

paging dr frued - that should of course have read 'were cut off by water'

Doris Sturm said...

Yeah! The Dam is FULL !!!! That's wonderful! :-)

I love your four legged helpers in the evergreens - very cute!

Have a lovely day down under and enjoy your summer with the full dam :-)

Alwen said...

It wouldn't be amazing here, but I am all agog that you are getting so much rain there!

Lisa L said...

I think this is my most favorite kitty picture!