Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Sound-Of-Music Moment

I have tried
I have even come close
but I have to admit that the quest is over
he's done it

SIL Chris
managed to get the PERFECT raindrops-on-roses' shot yesterday.

look at that drop trembling on the edge
you just know that a millisecond later gravity triumphed

maybe I should try for the quintessential 'whiskers-on-kittens' ?


Jan said...

That is very beautiful. The rose is lovely by itself and the raindrops are the final touch.

Many years ago, I snapped a strawberry leaf just after rain. Nothing anywhere near as beautiful as that rose, but every point on the leaf had a droplet of water hanging from it.

Alwen said...

It's gorgeous. Congratulations on the rain! said...

I would expect warm woolen mittens to be your major contribution !!!
And definitely am in favor of St Nick traveling.....if there was wall space.

Doris Sturm said...

This is perfect. You can almost feel the dew drops! Beautiful shot!