Tuesday, November 02, 2010

something ...

... old
something new
something borrowed
someething blue

the 'old' I've written about before; my great-grandmother's french silk hankie

the 'new' was, of course, the beautiful dress

the 'borrowed', daughter-in-law [ and bridesmaid ] Christina's hair ornament/comb thingie from her own wedding to my #1 son in 2006, which you can see in one of yesterday's pix

and the blue was a pair of the traditional garters, supplied by Nadie's 'surrogate mum' - and my good friend - Nicole
and 'why a pair ?' some of you may be asking.
In my day, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, one only had the one - although I actually didn't have any [ I had a blue silk ribbon horseshoe sewn into my petticoat ]

Anyway, apparently it is now the norm to have two - a slightly fancier one for the bride to keep and one for The Toss.

This is the toss one, which was caught by David - thanks to some careful shepherding by his thoughtful youngest cousin Adam and good aim on Chris' part

and which was worn proudly for the rest of the night

albeit upside down :)

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