Saturday, November 06, 2010


Names added for Alison:

my favourite Iris with Italian Lavender and the bright pink behind is a succulent generically called Pig Face
the classic cottage garden annual: Larkspur
which I also have in pink and white
Supposedly the Plague Locusts - which are shaping up for this summer to be the worst in nearly a century - don't like Larkspurs, so it could be a good thing I have thousands of 'em.

another beautiful Iris

and this is Scilla Peruviensis, commonly known as Cuban Lily [ even though the latin name means Peruvian Bluebell ] ... tough as old bootstraps, spreads readily but controllably, and soooooo beautiful


Allison said...

I do love purple in the garden. But, of course, I now have questions...

What are the flowers in the background behind Iris #1?

And what are the flowers in pictures #2 & 4?

And *totally* unrelated to the preceeding questions... your lovely blue Santa panel...who is the manufacturer? I would love to have him in my home but can't seem to find him on line (at least so far).

catsmum said...

Alison, the panel came from Stitch-N-Frame and they don't still have EXACTLY the same one but they DO have it on a slightly different blue border without the elaborate frame.
item # is C3669

Alwen said...

That looks doubly beautiful now that it's grey November here, and yesterday we had SNOW.

woolie wombat said...

I'm pretty sure Ive seen those xmas panels at spotlight....and lovely garden Susan, Iris is my favorite..

Allison said...

Thank you! I should have known the Larkspur but I don't think I've seen that Scilla before -- must go looking in my catalogs.