Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Doggy Day Spa

This was me at breakfast time

My usual gorgeous self.
I mean one can't improve on perfection.
Am I right ? or am I right ?

Ahh! but y'see Mum'd realised that Summer will start in less than 4 weeks, so the Forces of Evil had been contacted [ No, seriously, Leanne? loveya babe! ]

I mean ... people ... did she HAVE to book my annual haircut for a day when it was BEARly going to make it into double digits ?

the dreaded collar and leash appeared
and just like that my fate was sealed

This is moi about 3 hours later

Can you tell I'm less than impressed with the bow ?

and I smell like a sissy
a French sissy

[ those cats have been giving me grief all afternoon. Even the grandkittens ]

the mani-pedi's not too bad though

I guess a fella could get used to this


Jan said...

Dad had two thoroughbred Afghan hounds. One in particular was ashamed every time she was clipped. She would slink around for days, trying to be inconspicuous. Her expressive face registered deep disgust at summer shearing time.

Dorothy said...

oh you poor gorgeous self !! Just think, its only going to take about six months to grow that big coat back again. Chin up fella.

Ozjane said...

Oh Bear baby what did your Mummy do?
You are a shadow of your glorious self........but yeah...the toes are not bad.
Doc was happy with me...replaced dressing, I can shower...come back Fri.

Lizzie said...

He's such a handsome fella, both with and without the manly hair...

jkehler said...

I love your animal adventures you sure hit the nail on the head. What a hoot!

Alwen said...

I'm sorry, his expression! Ha!

He looks a completely different dog.