Wednesday, December 15, 2010


If you'll allow a mountaineering metaphor or three, today we step onto the summit ... the peak ... the pinnacle
After weeks of hard slog and unremitting effort, we have finally reached the other end of the House Tour from whence we started lo, these two weeks ago [ gotta love the opportunity to stick in a 'whence' and a 'lo!']
today we're in the rumpus room ... the domain of Father Christmas ... Saint Nick ... Santa ... aka the fat bloke in the red suit

The room once likened to an explosion at the North Pole

I can never get a truly accurate count, but there's a little over a hundred Santas in here, plus assorted bears and moose in santa suits ... which is probably why I can never get a proper total. Where do I draw the line in defining 'santa-ness'?
Is a bear in a Saint Nicholas robe, complete with luxurious, long, fake santa beard, a santa or not ?
No. I can't decide either.

I try to acquire at least one Father Christmas - bought or made - per year, and usually exceed that quite easily. This year was no exception. Now, okay, this year I didn't make any [ did manage multiple Christmas quilts though !! ] but Nadie bought me three little guys back in July, and I've added another two or three since then from a local gift shop that was changing hands.

There probably won't be time for a post tomorrow - 't'is my natal day, so a lunch out with friends is on the cards, and then a Choral Christmas break-up party here later [ obviously with lots of singing ]
I like to keep busy on the 16th
As well as being my birthday, it's also the day I lost Marc in '99
so mixed emotiions

but I'll be back on Friday


Marcie said...

Have a lovely day tomorrow (hugs)

Robbyn said...

And a very happy natal day to you! I shall lift a glass (soft drink, I'm afraid - my meds don't allow for alcohol so please take the thought for the deed) in your honor. Blessings and the warmest and very best wishes for the next leg of your earthly sojourn!

I think the dressed up teddy bears are Santa Clauses - they're ursine Santa Clauses. Just another aspect of the spirit of the season :)

TracyR said...

Thinking of you, and sending you special love and hugs for today Susan. xxx

gayle said...

Oh. My. Word.
I'm overwhelmed with the Santa-ness.

(And Happy Birthday!)

Carol said...

I am way behind on my blog reading, and can't tell you how much these last few posts have put a smile on my face seeing all your beautiful decorations. Thank goodness for people like you. Love it.