Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Catsmum Christmas House Tour Day 5

Call me paranoid if you must

but I have a sneaking suspicion that a certain feline has been CATscanning the quilt-which-still-has-no-name in Nadie's room [ which I suppose I had better start thinking of as Nadie and Chris' room ]
The QWSHNN - which will probably grace my own bed next Christmas - was finished earlier this year and contains decades of leftovers from seasonal projects, charm square swaps and also donated strips leftover from other people's Christmas sewing.

Like I didn't already have enough Christmas fabric to last me until well after I become a resident in the Old Quilters' Home.

this room is usually decked out in my DD's preferred palette of blue, purple and turquoise but for 6 or 7 weeks each year it goes red.

and here we get to another 'decorating-for-Christmas' strategy:
THINGS ... DON'T ... NECESSARILY ... HAVE ... TO ... HAVE ... REINDEER ... OR ... A ... FAT ... MAN ... IN ... A ... SUIT... ON ... THEM ... TO ... BE ... USEFUL ... AT ... THIS ... TIME ... OF ... YEAR.

If it's the right colours [ whatever your 'right' colours happen to be ] USE IT !!!

moving on
I decided on no tree in there this year
but plenty of Christmas teddies, including a 2010 version that I bought to mark Nadie and The Boy's first Christmas as a married couple.

Maybe I should qualify that last bit, and amend it to no real tree, because there plainly is a fabric one one on the Log Cabin quilt behind the teds.

I've recycled an old 'stained glass' ex-class sample into a mini-quilt which is doing double duty as a bedside table mat [ accompanied by a fabric origami Happy Coat and one of the Christmas canine themed coasters I bought when I couldn't find reasonably priced cat ones ]

and, by the way, I think we may have confirmed my suspicions regarding the source of all that fur:

Now I want you all to get a good night's sleep, because from tomorrow, you'll be needing all your strength and stamina.
Up 'til now I've been going easy on you
From tomorrow we get serious about this Christmas House Tour
Tomorrow we move into the Big Room.


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Cant wait to see tomorrow :)
I really like the stain glass mini quilt!

Jejune said...

I've been thinking of you at this time of year, and wondering how the Big Christmas Decorating Blitz is coming along! It's lookin' good so far!

Jane Monk said...

The cat and the quilt are devine! Love it.