Friday, December 17, 2010

introducing Jake

my great nephew Jacob was born on November 30, weighing 896 grams or 2 pounds, and 2.5 months early.
This photo was taken on day 14 and already I can see that he definitely favours the Italian side of the family.

I did not make that hat

it's a perfectly nice hat
made no doubt with love and care, to be donated to the NICU

but don't you think he should have a hat made by his great aunt ?
Of course he should!
which is why these will be passed over to his great grandmother tomorrow for delivery asap.

I look at the size of those horrifyingly tiny hats and am just so thankful that Jake is hanging in there.
You know, I've been sending off similar tiny hats for a long, long time, and only rarely have I known the intended recipients. This puts a whole different slant on my NICU knitting which I am struggling to put words to ... and not just mine, of course, but all those other legions of knitters [ and crocheters ] worldwide, churning out tiny garments with just one aim: to keep these fragile little bundles of humanity warmed and comforted.

NOTE: the teeny weeny prem BSJ is an adaptation of the classic EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, as engineered by my friend Yvette
The hats were all just improvised


Rose Red said...

Hi Jake *waves* - keep growing little guy, you've got a lot more knitted outfits to fit into in the future, I reckon.

Helen said...

What a wee little poppet. 20 years ago my son was born 4 weeks early and I remember how that felt. This little guy is just the sweetest!

Donna Lee said...

Is that bubble wrap around him in that photo? I guess it would make great insulation and wouldn't be allergenic. Of course he should have hats knit by a family member.

Dorothy said...

Oh Susan, Jake is so beautiful, and the little hats and jacket are very cute. Best wishes to the little fellow and of course all his loving family.

gayle said...

Many years ago, a friend of mine gave birth prematurely (- oddly enough, her son was named Jake as well.) I had just finished knitting my first BSJ, with serious gauge issues. Turned out, it fit little Jake perfectly. His mother was delighted - it was the only clothing he had that actually did fit.
(Little Jake is now quite a big Jake - that sweater could be a handpuppet these days.)

Fee said...

Hi, what a sweet little boy. I wish him all the best. The Jacket is very nice but here the cildren's nurse have problems with the little buttons and all the tubes (don't know if it's the correct translation) of the newborn kids.
I know a lot of women who are knitting for preemies. They are knitting "Pucks├Ącke" i think you can translate it with romperbag or sleeping bag. I think that maybe a nice thing for the little Jack. (For example ) and here they are welcome in the hospitals.

Greetings from Germany,