Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas House Tour 2010 Day 8

As you can probably tell from the glimpse of vintage postcards in the extreme left of the photo, we've just moved a little further along the wall from yesterday.

This is my 'main' tree, and it's decorated with mercury glass

crystal, and frankly-fake acrylic.
This year I stumbled across some palest pale blue baubles [ $1.50 each !! ] ] so I grabbed all eight that the store had in that colour. If they'd had more, I'd probably have bought at least a dozen - or two :)They are so barely blue that I'm sure most people don't see it, but they tone in with the nativity and the newly finished Arctic Saint Nicholas wallhanging

... or wallhangings, depending on your point of view ... it's three separately quilted and bound pieces, which hang as one, but the two star panels can also function on their own as table runners.
The left panel and the centre one have been hanging for the last two weeks ... and looked just fine ... but ... I wanted all three done and crossed off my list.

As Tara can attest, I was still hemming the third panel last night !

This Stack-N-Whack quilt is folded across the back of one of the couches at the moment, but I opened it out for the photo.
I guess I must've made that one in the late '90s. The colours are actually much deeper and richer than the photo has captured but you'll just have to take my word for that.

The reportage has been pretty quilt-centric of late, but that imbalance is about to be addressed Tomorrow it's the kitchen
Snowflake Central!


ozjane said...

Someone had made that panel up into a mini quilt or wallhaning at quilting today but I was not smart enough to take a photo and I was not sure it was the same panel either.
I am going to have to have lessons in putting that stuff that joins the bits of glass together but is joining bits of fabric together day.
I shocked em all by taking 4 finished quilts.....oh well one was just picked up after being custom quilted so it has no binding yet and another one has the binding two completly finished but then you would say they are not finished without why am I blathering wall hanging with binding pinned down to handsew and one panel pinned ready to sew for next Christmas....or something.

Marcie said...

I'm really enjoying the tour, tho mere photos can never convey the full, over-the-top Christmas extravaganza of Susan's home. It's awesome!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

I love your arctic Nick. Thats awesome! Your tree is very pretty

gayle said...

I'm just riveted...
Can't wait to see the snowflakes!

Alwen said...

This is so much fun!

*happy sigh*