Thursday, December 23, 2010

Be Warned

Basically, if you put your head through my door between the start of December and January 6th [ Twelfth Night ] you are going to find yourself admiring the Christmas decorations whether you want to or not
and I will grasp at any excuse that will get a few extra people through the door.

... you have a busload of Senior Cits to entertain? Bring 'em over
... require a venue for this year's choir break-up party? No worries!

Need to kill 90 minutes or so with two busloadsof disabled adults from David's thursday social club before pizza-dinner-and-Christmas-Lights-Tour ? *

Bring 'em here for junkfood, a visit from multiple Santas - and an elf - plus presents, candy canes, and a total overload of Christmasness

and someone obviously knows the hostess well:

I scored a really nice Christmas mug stuffed full of Robert Timms coffees, shortbread, & Twinings teas: English & Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey and Prince of Wales.

If you'll pardon me, I'm off to become better acquainted with the Prince of Wales.

* a note for my Northern Hemisphere friends: because we are only a day or so past the Summer Solstice, it doesn't get dark enough to see the Christmas lights until after 9pm. Hence the need to kill some extra time before dinner.


Dorothy said...

Looks like fun ... I'll be over in about an hour or so!

Donna Lee said...

I never thought about the fact that you are having your longest days! I am so glad to see the lights at this time of year because they make the darkness more bearable.

Merry Christmas!

ozjane said...

oh not till Jan............?
You are more noble than I...I can cope with starting in Nov but have arranged with the handyman to demolish the tree and do the hard stuff with me next it is the quick and the dead here......mind you I have decided that if I put it up for others I would be whistling with the wind. My house was like Bourke St for years (busy street) but now it is quiet and peaceful..Moggie has found the highest spot on the pile of mess on the cutting table and I am embroidering the last Christmas towel......any more and I might say bad words. LOL.

gayle said...

The boots! Love the boots!!
I, too, had forgotten that you're having your longest days. That really does create a long wait for the lights...