Friday, December 10, 2010

Still in the Big Room

Today I thought that I'd share my collection of vintage Christmas postcards

these are the fruits of many years of scouring antique fairs
and most of them only cost me a dollar or two.

There ARE scarcer, more expensive ones out there. I just haven't bought any .

Most of mine are from the US, a few are English, a couple appear to be German and one at least is Norwegian. Not a single one was printed in Australia, so I suppose that will have to remain my Holy Grail. I don't even know if they produced them in Australia during the Edwardian period, which is when most of mine date from.

and you might want to click and enlarge for a closer look at some of the graphics.
There's the expected holly, ivy and poinsettia, but quite a few feature subjects that don't strike a modern eye as particularly festive ... pansies for example ... or violets ... a stylish Gibson girl ... kittens with roses

I especially like the ones that have postage cancellations [ dates are always good. It puts things in context. ] and faded, spidery copperplate writing.

One hundred years ago, Amelia wished Molly in Minneapolis " very merry & happy Xmas times"

I wish you all the same


ozjane said...

Those cards are fabulous. Congratulations on such diligent collecting...Martha was showing how to store such things in duly labeled boxes with the proper of which just flew out the window.
Speaking of cards......thank you very much for the one which came today with some lovely fabric...wrapping something...Moggie is upset..but tis under the Christmas tree....or will be when it moves from the bed where it was squeezed and sniffed. Thank you very will hear more.

gayle said...

What a wonderful collection! I love the way you're displaying them, also.
My brain is just boggling at all the work you put into your decorating...