Monday, July 21, 2008

macropodal alert and news of an alarming development

I might even go so far as 'RATS!!' [ can you tell I'm not really big with the major expletives ?]
ETA** darn it all to heck
** as suggested by Sheepie
the time: 7.45 am
the place: my garden
the reason: Bear toilet stop

and what do we see hopping lazily up the driveway and then across towards the other neighbour's - the one that isn't PND-and-Brenda - and up to the top of the hill?

a smallish [female probably] kangaroo, that's what ... not a wallaby ... the wrong build and too tall - maybe 5 feet if it was standing up straight ...

We're in the bush , they're all over the place, so why the excitement?? Well, y'see, I DO get to see 'em on a regular basis, generally when I'm driving and trying to avoid a macropodal collision, and some folks consider 'em major pests, but this is the first one I've actually witnessed HERE here, on the old homestead, Chez Catsmum, and pest or not, they are so beautiful...
and my IRL friends [ Marcie, Janine, I mean YOU ] are probably laughing their heads off at my 'oh golly gosh' newbie enthusiasm but you need to understand that until less than four years ago, I had always lived in suburban Melbourne. If we wanted to see kangas we had to drive to the Zoo or the Healesville Sanctuary.

Granted Chris thought he saw a wallaby up the top of the hill in aught six but I missed it

Okay where's the camera? do I have time to race in and grab it ? I'd better put Bear inside anyway in case he barks and scares it away before I can get a photo ... oh bugger bugger bugger!!! I've left the bloody camera at Nadie's last night. At least I hope I have, cos it sure ain't here.

so there will be no photos from yesterday's trip down to Melbourne or for the rest of the week until I see her on Friday
oh noes! how will I survive without my camera ?

I do have several sets of blogworthy pics socked away against such an eventuality so the blog won't be going to bare print just yet but can I survive the separation?

"she'll be lost without that little silver thing but at least there won't be any flashing lights for a few days"


Sheepish Annie said...

Well, I'll add a "darn it all to heck" to the mix. That would have made for a great picture. I am, however, somewhat appeased by the Bear photo. More that 'somewhat,' really. He is just so cuuuuuuuute!!!

Lynne said...

I managed to stop less than a metre from a very large male at 5.30 yesterday morning on the road to Seymour. It was pouring [and dark of course] and the car went into a slide - nothing I could do; knagaroo just looked me over and hopped away as if mothing had happened! Easy for him!! I think DD was more thrown than she let on!

BTW, in the spirit of your post, my word verification was 'bumvcm' - no kidding!! LOL

Lynne said...

Of course, that was supposed to be "nothing had happened".

A new word perhaps? Mothing [n]: inconsequential event, moth-like [except in my stash!!] LOL

Maybe Sheepie can help with the definition - she certainly has a way with words!

Robbyn said...

Oh my goodness - a real live kangaroo? In the wild? I'm so jealous...

TinkingBell said...

Fabbo - a resident roo!

I am so envious of your Bendigoing and meeting all these great people! Next year - I am so there!!!