Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fursday Fotos - taken wednesday but what the heck!

yesterday morning dawned a brisk 0.00 degrees with a slight fog

so what did Robyn and I decide to do after first dropping off the kids at their Day Placement and then my car for a service ?
If you guessed a leisurely mug of chai at the Coffee Bean ... well, that would only be common sense and proof that you know my habits very well ... but no. Instead of a warm cafe redolent with the smell of Arabica beans and white chocolate muffins
drove down to the other end of town for a morning constitutional round the Botanical gardens ... of course ... heaven forbid that we should have gone somewhere with a temp in the double digits :]
I left the camera in the car - no pockets in my coat - but here's Rob in the birthday beret that I made her a couple of years ago
yes it's fun fur - sue me - it's what she chose !!
Anyway, after we'd done a couple of loops of the garden - about 3 km - Rob dropped me back to Goldfields Quilters which meets a couple of hundred metres from the car service place ... which of course was why the car was booked in for a Wednesday
and I spent a very companionable four hours or so with like minded friends before picking up the vehicle which apparently needs $1000 spent on her :[
ahh well
it could be worse I guess
it could be $2000

that gentle rain from the other day has continued sporadically so we're up to about 2 inches now which is about 4/5 of the July average and we're only a third the way through the month. Fingers, toes and eyes firmly crossed for more because the dam is about 2 feet down on where it should be - and by that I mean where it should be in July in the middle of a drought!


Sheepish Annie said...

I'll stop complaining about the ungodly heat we have been having. It seems so wrong now that I know others are freezing and having to wear hats.

Lovely photos, though!

Jeanne said...

The pictures are beautiful! Sounds like a fun day - but this weather is so weird this year!

TinkingBell said...

I realise it sounds churlish - but it can start raining here right about now - I'm beginning to grow moss!