Monday, July 07, 2008

a bad case of KnitterADHD

sometimes I forget to show you the small quick stuff
oh, I may get as far as uploading photos to Flickr and from there to Ravelry, but having done that sometimes I get the mistaken idea that I have told you all about it/them when I actually haven't,
and there's a bunch of bits and pieces that have slipped through the net ... or under the radar if you prefer that metaphor.

new baby presents - or because Nadie asked - or because I was procrastinating with the border on the Neverending Baby Shawl - or because I had yarn leftover from something else
an improvised brown DK beret [ Nadie or daughter in law? ]
modelled by Dave Market Bag - finished quite a while ago but I forgot to photograph it [ made many times bigger than the pattern cos the french one is way too small for any REAL marketing - check the measurements before you start unless you like surprises ]
This started out sort of orange, oxblood and scarlet but the base orange dye ran when I felted it so I overdyed it... much more me colour anyway
then a headband or two in cotton
lace handwarmers in Zhivago for myself
and then plain ribbed ones for Nadie in what was left over
then this pair in Country Silk also for Nadie which were actually a favourite old pair of hers that had stretched so I frogged 'em, blocked the yarn and reknitted 'em
which leads me to
Catsmum's rule of knitting #306
which is
if you don't have a project in mind, make fingerless gloves ... even if it's the middle of summer, someone will need them eventually and they're quick and a great way to use single balls.

ETA I forgot about the simple smooshy garter stitch scarf I made last week as a birthday gift for Nadie's friend, Natalie. It may not be QUITE purple enough but hopefully it makes up for that by being extra fluffy.

there is also a Collywobble Beanie for a friend's new grandson in the colours of a certain football team which, were it to become public knowledge, might see me expelled from the family forever. My sense of self preservation is such that I'm not going to show it ... I'm taking a huge risk even mentioning it!!


Alwen said...

Must be trend of the week - a catch-up post! (Me, too, I say, me too!)

Sheepish Annie said... certainly have been busy! Nice work!!

Sarah said...

You have been holding out on us! great stuff!