Thursday, July 17, 2008

spoilt brat [ picture heavy ]

I've been on the receiving end of an amazing amount of largesse over the last couple of weeks, so before I forget, it's time to document it and give appropriate thanks

- First, this wee embroidered purse was brought back from Dubai by Denise, who is one of my students
- these towels embroidered with Christmas designs made by the fair hand of my friend Jane [ with a little help from her you-beaut-whiz-bang embroidery machine and undoubtedly quality control tested by Ms Moggie ]

- Then there was this pincushion that Nadie and The Boy bought at a market up in Queensland somewhere - maybe Townsville - and it will be fairly obvious to all and sundry just why they thought she needed to come live here. I don't think that I can bring myself to stick pins in her though... just a little too much like a Ruby voodoo doll!
-an astonishingly detailed hand embroidered landscape from Corrie - stitched in a variation of traditional Chinese embroidery by a Vietnamese lady in Melbourne

-equally traditional Vietnamese Hill Tribe embroideries bought by my friend Robyne on her recent hiking holiday across Vietnam
-15 balls of a glorious fire engine red angora/ lambswool yarn that had caused serious eye problems for a quilting friend of mine [ she actually had to have surgery because the fibre had migrated inside her eyes causing ulceration - yeuck!!! ]
Her experience notwithstanding, free angora is free angora, so I started a Scalloped Waves Cardi with it last weekend. There's a pic of the in-progress project in the last post

and finally:
- a couple of weeks ago I arranged to buy 6 skeins of grey silk/alpaca from April and it arrived this week ... with a few unexpected little extras. The bag had been torn open in transit and re-taped so everything arrived covered in the shredded paper dust that lined the padded bag but it's all brushing off just fine. That's 3 balls of navy laceweight baby alpaca, KP wooden circular needles in 2.25mm [ a size I didn't have in my KP set yet ] a Colourwash Quilt book and a ball of beautiful red SWTC Therapi which is an amazing yarn made from 50% wool 20% silk and 30% jadeite [ that's stone, right?] and the cutest notecard with a pic of a gorgeous goaty girl ... April obviously knows me well

yes I DO know how spoilt I am, and yes, the thoughts behind each and every one of these wonderful pressies are totally totally appreciated.

thank you all

going off to fondle my yarn

only one more sleep until Jeanette and I go to the Wool and Sheep Show at Bendy

although given the $1500 I had to hand the car fixing fella yesterday, I don't think there'll be much in the way of purchases this year ... still ... lots of gorgeous sheepies and goaty girls and alpacas to admire and maybe pat. It's all good :]


Tanya Brown said...

Wow. Color me green with envy!

Rose Red said...

So many good goodies!! Have fun at Bendy - am so jealous!!

Anonymous said...

Your pressies are lovely. I particularly like the embroidery with the waterfall. You are truly spoilt (but I'm sure you are worth it.) Bear is very cute, he is going to be a very handsome dog and I'm pleased that David has taken to him. Have fun at the wool show.

Sheepish Annie said...

You have done well! And nice people deserve nice prezzies so enjoy them. :)