Wednesday, July 16, 2008

relationship woes

It happens eventually in all new relationships. Those first nagging signs that perhaps you have differing sets of values and goals:

you like chai, he drinks milk
you like pajamas, he sleeps naked
you're vegetarian, he eats meat
you like cats, he ... is reserving judgement

and sometimes it's even more fundamental issues than mere likes and dislikes:

Yes, I'm afraid Bear and I are having a slight difference of opinion as to what constitutes an acceptable chew toy.

Among the more contentious items are:

any and all phone and computer cords
my good tape measure
the toes of my brown cowdy boots
my skirt/shirt/jumper/elbow/earlobe
anything involving 'in-progress' fibre or yarn or the accoutrements thereof
library books
David's gloves and/or his toy wombat
Oakley's tail [ and I'll admit that I was too intent on averting carnage to grab the camera ]

semi acceptable items include:
the bottom half of my PJs
and my slippers

I'm sure we'll work it out and reconcile our opposing points of view ... eventually
on the plus side, however, the puppy training is coming along just fine:

I already know how to open the kitchen door when he needs to go to the toilet, and he has taught me that the 'sit-ever-so-cutely' when combined with 'The Look' means that I'm supposed to pick him up for a cuddle. I'm a fast learner!

oh, you thought that it was the puppy being trained?

2 more sleeps until the Australian Wool and Sheep Show at Bendigo


Sara said...

Oh, he is precious!!!!! And, I love this was cute and very entertaining...

Alwen said...

The very first dog that I ever had the training of was a dachshund mix.

Sweet little long-coated thing, who fortunately turned out to love Nylabones. It was only after she had learned to concentrate on her Nylabone that I found out that dachshunds are famous chewer/gnawers.

Oh the memories! And look at the cute puppy eyes in that first picture, awwwww (1000).

Sheepish Annie said...

Hmmm...has Bear been sending email over here? I seem to be havin similar issues with a certain Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty.

And he is much bigger.

But how can you resist that little face? Clearly you must just do as your told!

Lynne said...

I tried to leave a comment last night but had only dial up [53kbps] in Wangaratta. Much faster here in Bendigo!

Your post made me chuckle! Will it be safe to leave Bear for a whole day tomorrow? Or will it be unBearable? LOL

We are going to the Show tomorrow and the Mill shop on Saturday. See you at the Show! ;)

Quilting Diva said...

Does this mean that you go bottomless around the house (evil grin)