Saturday, July 12, 2008

a new quilt in the making and pupdate *

Bear officially came to live with us this afternoon and my life is no longer my own. Everywhere I go now I have a tiny black and white shadow. I even had to sneak away while the new 'baby' was asleep to upload these shots of the new quilt I'm playing with.
I'd forgotten how much clingier puppies are than kittens.

it was hysterical when I brought him home about 3 or 4 hours ago ... we started to walk back to my place and he was sooooooooooo cute, trotting along by my side, not ranging any more than a metre away from me ... until he saw the goats [ safely in their paddock and on the other side of the fence ] and then he turned tail and ran as fast as his little puppy legs would carry him all the way back to the fence line which is where I caught up with him and subsequently he was carried down the hill. Given that he's been running all over PND's place with its complement of goats and horses, I have to admit that I wasn't expecting that reaction.

As far as David and Bear are concerned I think the little visits of the last couple of days were the way to go. David seems quite sanguine about the whole situation. In fact the only incident has involved MissC jumping on Bear from table height. I have explained to her that this is not acceptable behaviour and she is currently sulking in her bedroom

...and he's just woken up again so I think that's it for this post

I don't expect that ANY of us are going to get a lot of sleep tonight.

* post title amended courtesy of Sheepish Annie, the clever little sod!


lisette said...

i really really like that quilt!!! glad you're feeling up to some creativity (as you can see back on the internet but no email - go figure.....)

i keep going back to look at the the new quilt. it is just gorgeous - the colours sing :) and what is the symbol/pictograph (can't think of the right word)?

good luck with little bear tonight - it will be like the first night home from hospital with a new babe


catsmum said...

lisette - I'm trying for a sort of Spring feeling - the kanji says 'growth' and
I'm planning to either embroider and/or sashiko stitch random grasses on the yellowish green rectangles towards the bottom, possibly extending up into the kanji section.

Sara said...

That quilt is really pretty! That is reverse applique isn't it?

Glad you have Bear...think it will be a good match for all of you!!!

Tanya Brown said...

Catching up on a few back posts here ...

My goodness, you're brilliant. You have a knack for color and design which I quite envy.

That puppy, little Bear, has a face which demands hugging and kissing. Is there anything on the planet more perfect than a puppy?

Sheepish Annie said...

Thanks for the Pupdate! (I just crack myself up...) It sounds like you guys are all off to an interesting start. I'll think good thoughts for restful nights for ya!

catsmum said...

'pupdate' oh I love that Sheepie - going back in to edit the title of the post now!!! LOL

Sooziii said...

Fozzie Bear and Bella send their love and big welcome slobbers to Bear - they know he will just love his new home and new Mummy!