Saturday, July 26, 2008

What didn't happen this week

As I didn't have the camera this week, clearly nothing blogworthy was allowed to happen ...

-I definitely didn't waste time and petrol driving 45 km each way to Daylesford on Monday night through rain and fog to have ONE dance student turn up
-I mustn't have gone to quilting on Wednesday [ and clearly therefore, Marcie, knowing me to be camera-less, could NOT have brought her camera in case of photo op ]
-equally I cannot have had an early morning phone call from Tara to ask if she and the kidlets could come for a visit on Thursday, and therefore I cannot have missed the chance to show Tara's single mindeness in knitting while standing up at my kitchen bench, nor the sight of her wee Sorsha toddling up and down my hallway while crooning to a vintage pram full of dollies and teddies.

In the absence of documentary evidence, these things clearly just did not happen

Neither did I knit on the red angora cardie pretty much all the way down to Melbourne on the 9 o'clock train yesterday to see Nadie's orthodontist, instead of the original plan which was to knit pretty much all the way down on the 9 0'clock train to visit the big Quilt and Craft Show at Jeff's Shed ... and I certainly didn't find myself [ along with a whole lot of other folks ] on a train to Hurstbridge, when WE were all under the clearly erroneous impression that we had changed at Southern Cross to the train to Glen Waverley ... and therefore we can't possibly have gotten off at the first opportunity , trouped over to the other platform, gone BACK into Flinders Street, and waited for the next train, which in my case could not have allowed me to proceed to where Nadie could pick me up on the fly with about 1 minute to spare.

Although, if all that didn't happen, I'm at a loss to explain the photos from the train on the way back to Castlemaine in the afternoon, having reclaimed the camera from my DD.

oh and you can tell that Sophie and Bear are just not getting on at all, right?


Marcie said...

you obviously got the camera back in the nick of time, to take that gorgeous pic of Sophie and Bear!

catsmum said...

actually Marcie, I took that pic last weekend and I've had to wait to get the camera back so I could show you :]
there's a whole series taken over the course of about an hour as they adjusted their relative positions.

ozjane said...

Miss Sophie has taste says Miss Moggie.
Miss Moggie thinks you were very brave leaving Bear alone for a day!

Charlene said...

I'm such a fan of Bear and Sophie! What a great picture. I have two cats, but there's just something about those short little legs of Bears that are so cute. Been there done that with my camera as well.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm so glad all that stuff didn't happen. It would have been a shame had it all occurred during the camera-less days.

That last picture has me completely undone. I must now go lie down...

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

What an interesting "nothing happened" week you've had!

Gorgeous photo of Bear and Sophie.

PS I removed my last comment because I can't stand spelling errors.