Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the balance sheet

on the plus side it hasn't been anywhere near as cold overnight as the seasonal average ... 4 degrees last night and up here any winter minimum temp that doesn't actually have a minus in front of it is good

and we've had an inch or thereabouts of nice, slow, steady rain with more to come... although the goaty girls are just a wee bit less than impressed at the swamp that was formerly the house paddock. I've been trying to persuade them that swimming might be an impressive new skill to add to their collective repertoires but so far they remain unconvinced.

on the other side of the weather balance sheet, the ... and I use the term loosely ... "high" for today is a brisk 7 [ and it's snowing 'just down the road' at Gordon ]

nothing much more needs to be said, eh?


ozjane said...

Are ye not happy with these highs and lows.......doesn't Bundy's place look great. Love this weather. Especially when I have no real committments. Actually have feet in slippers.

Bernadette said...

It certainly was snowing in Gordon and very pretty it was too but a touch cool! Do you get snow there??

mehitabel said...

Would you like to trade? We are having triple-digit (Fahrenheit) temps and it hasn't rained for months. The drought is so bad we are just a few steps away from water rationing. I'd give my left ankle (the broken one) for some rain and cooler temps! I guess it's always a case of the grass being greener, eh?

catsmum said...

but see Mehitabel there's the rub - even though we got a whole INCH of rain, most of the country still has water rationing in place because we've been officially in drought for the last 13 years!!!!!
and yes 38C/100F weather is unpleasant in ANYONE'S book - just wait 5 months and I'll be whining about that too :]

Sarah said...

It's been SO hot here. I wouldn't mind a few chilly nights!

Alwen said...

There, see, I knew someone had our snow!

(Actually, I'm not sure we've ever had snow in Michigan in July, but we've had frost in June.)

The high today was only around 25 C but the humidity! It's like wearing a soggy sweater around, or like being in a steamy bathroom that you can't leave.

That's the main reason we have a window AC unit, to dry out the wringing-wet air.