Monday, November 06, 2006

Now all we need is the rain

It sounded so simple. Buy a couple of extra water tanks and put one of them up the top of the hill so that we have water when the power goes out. Simple.
Yeah... right
We won't even go into the long and tedious tale of the organisation involved in getting hold of someone to excavate for the sand pad that the tanks sit on and dig the trench for the pipework. It took months.
Anyway that first tank has been installed next to the house tank for a couple of months and all 4500 litres filled up in one rain [ which is just as well given that we've only had about two lots of rain and a total of 2"in the last 6 months and that was supposed to be winter!!] This is the water I use for what is laughingly described as the "garden"
So the sight of an equally large tank just sitting there NOT filling up with water was somewhat galling [ my polite way of saying I was p****d off]
You can imagine how overjoyed I was when Chris announced his intention of dedicating last week's visit to The Tank and the Friday morning bike group at Windarring volunteered to help us manhandle it onto the trailer and up the hill.
Cue first rain in two months on Thursday.
Friday dawned bright and sunny. Biscuits [ cookies ] to feed the volunteers were baked, and at 11 am, we started. Heaving it onto the trailer was easier than I'd thought it would be and so we set off up the hill. Hang on... it's sliding off the back of the trailer. Stop. Reposition. Off we go again... picture us all RUNNING behind this huge thing ... visions of flattened clients if it slips... STOP!! heave. Go. STOP!! Heave. Go. SLOW DOWN. [ and of course, he couldn't or he'd lose traction on the slope ] Huff, puff, catch up, heave, and there we are.
Chris yells " Kangaroo" and we all rush to see ... bugger ... the first macropodal visitation since I moved in and I missed it. He describes it as red/ brown, so I think it was probably a rock wallaby [ or wobbly as Nadie used to call 'em ] Roos hereabouts are the big grey beggars not the red ones They live in the deserts of the Red Centre.

A few more heaves and the tank is positioned to Chris' satisfaction and we all trek back to the house for a well earned morning tea.

now check out the previous post for the photos that Blogger FINALLY put up. We have yarn, people!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you got the net to behave itself. Did you figure out what the problem was or did it just decide to start working again?

Sounds like an interesting day, and a good experience for the Windarring guys. I'll have to get the guys together to do the naked rain dance for you.

Quilting Diva said...

That sounded like quite an experience with the water. /Me thinks you should move to the city. You'd be closer to the quilt shops!

Sheepish Annie said...

Good heavens...that is a production! I'll think rainy thoughts for you.