Sunday, November 19, 2006

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This is really just a fill up post while I wait for Nadie to send me the photos from the wedding we went to on Friday. I finished her "Short and Sweet" bolero just in time for her to wear it and I want to show you how well it fitted and how cute she looked.
Alas, the crochet from yesterday's photo had a short life.
I mean, how is it that a woman with a monumental collection of knitting and crochet paraphenalia didn't have the right size hook? or even one size up or down? I'm testing a pattern for a friend and you know how it is. The directions lobbed into the Inbox and I'd just finished S & S so I wanted to do it NOW. A US size N is a 9mm and the closest I had was a 7mm which is to say, not close at all. Did that deterr me? Not for a second.
As I didn't really know the gauge or dimensions but DID know what the end product should look like, I dived in and at about the point that the photo was taken, decided that I would be better off if I waited until I had something remotely resembling the right size... c'est la vie!
In the meantime [ because heaven forbid that I should have nothing on the needles and I don't feel like knitting Nadie's second alpaca sock ] I've cast on for a singlet for the soon-to-arrive #1 grandson. Baby Lustre yarn in mint green. Size 3mm and 3.25mm vintage casein needles.
Okay. Gotta go sit out on the verandah with my knitting, a cuppa, the kookaburras, the bluewrens and the sunshine ... it's tough but someone has to do it.

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