Friday, November 24, 2006


Simple plan... a three minute performance at the Five Flags Hotel at Open Mike Night. Usual audience ... about three. Add in the spouses of the dancers, there for moral support, and maybe we're up to about a dozen. The crowd in the front bar NEVER bother to come in and see the live musicians. You couldn't prise them away from the pool table with a crowbar. Hell, they don't usually even turn down the juke box.

Ahh, but you see that was before they heard the magic words " belly dancers" Our music started and they appeared from everywhere.
We wiggled, we jiggled, we shook and we shimmied. The teacher totally lost her place and had to improvise because she was so nervous for 'her' girls... and we followed along just fine.
I don't think the drinking population of Campbell's Creek knows what hit them.
I won't go into the mistakes we made ... no one noticed anyway.
We had to do an encore because some of the front bar had missed it... and got our piccy taken for the local rag.
As several people demanded photgraphic proof [ you know who you are ] I DID try to oblige but
my camera decided to be flat despite new batteries. David's Carer popped out to his car and took some piccys with [ shock horror ] a conventional film camera. So you'll have to wait till they're developed I'm afraid.
In the meantime here is one I prepared earlier :]
Yes I know I'm not skinny ... deal with it!


Anonymous said...

Oh stop it... you look great! I chuckled pretty heartily at the image of all the local barflies staring at what had befallen their humble establishment. What a great way to "shake things up!" I can't wait for the pictures.

Now I want to add belly dancing to my to-do list. I hear it is a great workout and a bit more fun than the usual crunches and such.

Quilting Diva said...

I love your attitude. tee hee.

catsmum said...

this is very strange ... the email notification has a comment from Yvonne but it's not showing up here. How odd !

Anonymous said...

disappointed no piccys :[
And what's belly dancing without a bit of belly. Sounds like you had a ball.

Erica said...

Wonderful! I LOVE those belly-dance belts of jingly thingies. Glad you livened up the place.

Anonymous said...

You look FABBO!! Can't wait to see the other pics!