Thursday, November 23, 2006

mainly photos today

Finished and blocked the little baby singlet today after tinking the edging I did yesterday. [tink is "knit' backwards folks. Knitters and quilters alike also use 'frogging' to describe our least favourite task ... rippit, rippit ]
I was about halfway round with the crochet edging when it became horribly obvious that I was going to run out of wool so I stopped, tinked and restarted with the same type of yarn but in cream. This will go into the pile of stuff for Christina's baby shower on Sunday. The pink set was the gift that I made for the guy-next-door's new granddaughter Mikkaela. .. and it really IS that bright.
Haven't started the baby quilt yet but at least I have the design now and once Christina has a look at it on Sunday, then I'll get cracking.
Last night was 'xmas' dinner for the Garden Club so David and I drove to Newstead and partook of dips and turkish bread, turkey, beef [ well he got mine as well] roast veggies, plum pudding for me, brownie slice for dave and coffee or tea. They were quite happy for me to have a pot of the Chai that I usually order there, and wouldn't let me pay the extra. Our corner of the room was quite happy with both the meal [ delicious] the service [ friendly and efficient] and the company [ jovial ] but there was a lot of whingeing from the geriatric brigade in the opposite corner. Why do they have to do that?
The other "highlight" of the evening was the Secretary consuming a few too many bevvies and being perhaps a little too frank in expressing her opinion of our president who had needed to drive a relative down to the airport and so wasn't there. Just what I didn't need was an elderly drunk hanging on my shoulders and ranting in my ear about someone I quite like.
Anyway these photos are the roots of the street tree I was parked next to. The hollows are fascinating .

Tomorrow night is THE performance at the Five Flags... goes for a whole three minutes. Do you think I can manage to loose 10 kilos before tomorrow night? What do you mean " not a hope?"
Ahh well it IS called belly dance after all :]


lisette said...

the singlet is beautiful :) and can't wait to see the baby quilt dinner sounds like good food but not the backstabbing part :(

Nola G said...

Looking forward to the pics of the belly dancing tomorrow. Wonder if those movies you can do on digital cameras can be shown on blogs? We need to see this with sound and action :] Have fun.

Sheepish Annie said...

The singlet looks great. I never quite seem to get the baby things done on time. The poor kid ends up getting it as a high school graduation gift.

Please, please, please tell me that there will be a highly descriptive post on The Performance! It sounds like more fun than is even bearable! I'm in giddy anticipation over here.