Sunday, November 12, 2006

november photos and what's on my calendar

Some random November photos:
my beautiful Pierre de Ronsard rose. I keep referring to it as "she" but I guess Pierre should be a "he". He/she/it is fully 4" across.
the November page of my cat calendar [ this is the one I actually scribble things on ]
the November page of my Australian Weather Calendar ... so big I can only hang it in the sewing room and I never write on it but the photos are awesome. Perhaps because we're heading into summer soon, the photos on Oz calendars seem just SO much brighter than the dreary stuff on offer in so many American ones.
portraits of the Big Tree [ this is going to be a quilt / series of quilts ]


lisette said...

very envious of your pierre - we had a pierre i canberra that did really well but our current one is sulking again after a brief rallying. this rallying was prompted by the threat of eviction and seems to have petered out again.

the tree should make a great quilt :)

Caitlin said...

Pierre is beeeyoootiful! As are the tree pics - can't wait to see what you do with those. My dear sister used to buy us all a Bureau of Meteorology calendar each Christmas, but since she's been gone, it's still too close to her to buy them. Maybe next yar. The pictures are always spectacular and I love all the info they include!

trek said...

Sorry about your friend but congrats on the new Ashford!

--Deb said...

That weather calendar looks BEAUTIFUL! So does your rose, too . . . gardening is NOT one of my skills.... Thanks for the calendars!

Sheepish Annie said...

As we here on the other side of the world wander into winter, I am so grateful for the chance to see some pre-summer goodness! Thanks!!

I think that the Tree Quilt will be stunning. I am always in awe of the folks who see the "patterns" in what my eye perceives as pretty, but "random" and unusable.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure one of these days you will actually make some of these bush inspired quilts that you keep taking photos for, and once you get going, they will be spectacular.

Is that 'the big tree' as in the official one that they re- routed the road and electricity poles around? or your one?

catsmum said...

it's the one directly in front of the sewing room