Tuesday, November 21, 2006


It got to 39C today [ 98F] and there's the smell of bushfires in the air.
No need to panic tho gentle reader ... the smoke is actually travelling from over towards Ballarat. There's a small one burning up the road at Newstead but it's heading the other way. we're fine.
Hot, sweaty and irritable but absolutely fine.

I have a heap of things to write about ...

  • nola's visit last week :]
  • Chris and Maz' visit on the weekend, including the fact that Chris has now got the new tank up the hill all connected up and it has water in it... and as a result, I now have clean drinking water thanks to the filter he installed :]
  • quilt class today and meeting up with one of the scq girls, down on hols from the Blue Mountains :]
  • garden purchases ... irises and bottlebrush mainly :] This iris is called six-pack
  • and this is Honky Tonk Blues
  • the mint green 4 ply [ fingering] baby singlet I started Sunday that I've nearly finished knitting :]
  • The Drs visit yesterday ... BP back down in my boots where it belongs :]
  • That David has mastered jigsaws on the computer :]
  • The completely un-feral hair cut on the way to class this morning :]
  • On the downside, we have the fact that a particularly nasty gust of wind this arvo dropped the car boot on my head ... hard :[

All enthralling stuff I'm sure but I'm hot, tired, sweaty, tired, in pain, tired ... did I mention tired? and hungry ...

and there's just too many things on that list to write a coherent cohesive post. So I won't even try. This is all you get today. I'm sure you'll survive the disappointment somehow.


Sheepish Annie said...

Holy cow! Is your head OK???? I'm getting a headache just thinking about it...

Otherwise, there was a lot of niceness in that post. I'm not wild about the high temps, but it made me warm up just a little bit thinking about it and that was nice. We are right at the freezing mark at this point. :(

Anonymous said...

How did Dave get into computer jigsaws? he's never shown any interest in the computer before, thats great! Anyway hope your heads ok, see you sunday, try not to fall apart before then.

Keep up that html editing! I'm so proud :)

Sheepish Annie said...

I received your comment asking for more details on the ASD workshop I attended. My MSN email is connected to my blogger account so you can reply if you get your comments via email. If not, I can also be reached through annATericsimagingDOTcom (put appropriate emaily type stuff in where the caps are) It was a brief workshop, but pretty informative given the time span. I also have some links to the University of New Hampshire bookstore. The presenter is in a PhD. program specifically geared towards ASD and educational treatments.

Hope your head is feeling better!