Wednesday, November 08, 2006

D is for ... [ and some important Cs I missed ]

  • David ... my second son. He is severely autistic and lives with me. This is my choice. Stephen, Nadie and I are not comfortable with the idea of him living in a Community Res. Unit. He is currently 10 kgs lighter and has one less chin than when this was taken :]
  • dancing ...since the age of 3. I've done ballet, jazz ballet, line dancing, rock 'n roll, swing, jive, two-stepping, clogging and bellydancing. Dancing was and is a huge part of my life obviously. Dancing makes me happy.
  • dirt. I live on a dirt road off another dirt road, in the middle of acres of the stuff, which means:
  • dust... on all horizontal surfaces ... my aunts will be horrified to learn that I only dust a] when I can see it or b] when visitors are due. There are visitors on average every two weeks. You work it out.
  • daughter... just the one: Nadie. She's hard working, funny, thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate, articulate, ... all the things I like in people... and beautiful... and a total adrenalin junky. This came as a bit of a shock. She seems so quiet. Jump out of plane. check. Dive with sharks. check. Hasn't had the easiest life growing up after David but doesn't use it as an excuse.
  • dreams. Don't have many. I'm not a good sleeper and rarely go deeper than a very light sleep state.
  • drought. We're now being told that this is not a once in 100 years drought... not just the worst in recorded history...all I know is that the water situation is bad. Probably not the best time to move to the bush.
  • dam... still has water in it but not a lot. This is not to be used for anything except fighting bushfires. Needless to say, I hope that I never have to use it.
  • dragons. This is really a Nadie word. She has been drawing dragons ever since she was tiny. Strangely for such a fantasy freak, she has never read the Dragons of Pern series. [ okay I've been corrected... she has SO read them ]
  • dragonflies. love watching them. Heard this weird, loud sound one day last summer and went out to discover thousands of dragonflies hovering high over the rose garden. There must have been a swarm of small insects or something to attract them but for about half an hour the noise was incredible.
  • daffodils. I'm not a big fan of the colour yellow EXCEPT at the beginning of Spring. I adore the sight of vast drifts of daffs. They never fail to make me smile.
  • dentist. I've had a wonderful dentist for 30 years who understood my difficult mouth and was compensated accordingly ... in fact I think I bought his last 3 cars. Of course, when I moved up here I changed Dental providers and being new in town, got shuffled onto one of the junior partners. In one visit he ruined 30 years of work. Really. I won't go into detail .My jaw is now completely out of whack again. Extreme pain. Migraines. Original dentist estimates it will take about $10,000 to fix with no guarantees. I am not happy. This is one of those times that I wished I was the sort of person who sues. Sorry to end on a negative note folks.

postscript: not sure how I managed to miss three very important Cs : Chris [ Stephen's much loved Godfather, and frequent visitor up here with his lovely missus Maz ] the other Chris [ Nadie's v. nice bf ] and Christina, my gorgeous DIL and mother-to-be of my grandson ] I'll move this bit over to the C is ... post later but it's here for now so you don't miss it.


Sheepish Annie said...

What a great list. Your daughter is lovely. I'm sorta jealous of her bravery! She'll always have a tale to tell.

workbasket said...

Hi, its Maz! Well I've done it! Check out my first post. Not at all amusing, probably quite boring. I had all sorts of problems with my user name - please note that this blog is the only one using this name, I have now changed it to crazyhaberdasher! I will probably go through it again and retype it for crazyhaberdasher.......

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi, as you can see I am now officially crazyhaberdasher - you can now read and comment.....see ya, Maz

The Boy said...

Its Chris, aka "the boy" from Nadie's blog. Hope you don't mind, but I'm stealing that photo of Nadie. Actually, you can mind all you like, I'm still taking it.

knitnthings said...

Your daughter is lovely and very cool! Skydiving rules! An amazing experiance if I do say so myself. I also must say as a fellow fantasy freak with a deep love of dragons. I don't really care for the Pern series and have only read one or two.

catsmum said...

yeah knitnthings, I could understand her only reading a couple but she's never started a single one.
Oh and Chris, next time you come up here [ see I'm assuming there'll be a next time ] you can see if there are any other photos you want to pinch :]

Anonymous said...

Excuse me? I've read the entire Pern series. In fact I borrowed most of them off you. So there. :P

Wish my life was as exciting as you make it sound, being an adrenaline junky is all well and good but its a challenge to find friends with the funds, time and inclination to do stuff with you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nadie I'd join you in the skydiving if I could afford it these day. Don't you remember I used to go skydiving nearly every weekend for a couple of years. Never tried a tandem. I like to be in control.

mehitabel said...

Delightful data, dahling! (I'd add a few more lines but my brain has gone numb and all the d-words have disappeared, defected, and driven off!)

Nora said...

Thanks for sharing your D list - your children are gorgeous... and soo cool!
Thanks also for your good luck wishes - one more week to go! x