Sunday, November 19, 2006

friday photos better late than never

Given that I left my camera behind in Castlemaine, these are from Nadie's camera and obviously she's not going to send me dozens of photos in one hit. First we have Nadie and bf Chris. The expression on his face when he saw her all spiffed up was priceless :]

David was a happy boy and the less said about the photo of me the better. I had no idea my hair looked that feral.

Check out the colour coordination ... and Christina was in cyclamen/ magenta and black !

The gorgeous bridal couple: my eldest nephew Michael and his lovely bride, Chrissie.

Daughter in law Christina showing off the bump aka The Peanut who is due in 5 weeks. She actually didn't look anything close to this obviously pregnant without the hands clasped sous-belly. The jacket was both darker and less pink than ther photo.

This is my little Italian ma-in-law, Lydia, with Nadie. Note the Short and Sweet bolero in all its glory. In less than two years there's been four family weddings so now only the two youngest: Nadie and her cousin Adam, are the targets for Nonna's not so subtle hints regarding matrimonial intentions.

guess what I just found out ?

you can't?

there's another catsmum on Blogger [ and she knits too]

You can visit her here


lisette said...

you don't look feral! you all look gorgeous and the bolero is beautiful :) am going to check past posts to see what pattern you used

catsmum said...

the Short and Sweet from Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker but beware... lots of errors in both the pattern and on the errata website

Sheepish Annie said...

I didn't see any feral hair at all! And when I went back to read the previous post I almost fell off the couch at the word, "grandson." Clearly, you adopted your children while still a toddler or something!

Short And Sweet looks adorable!! Nice work.

mehitabel said...

What a lovely family wedding--and I agree, your hair looks great! I caught up on your last week's posts, too, and it sounds as if you have been very busy. Thank goodness for the rain--I know you needed it badly. So glad I was able to "introduce" you to Catmum! All of us cat lovers/knitters/quilters need to stick together!

Nora said...

Yup - I can't see the feral hair either! You all look beautiful and the bolero is oh-so-lovely. x

Angela said...

You have lovely picture on your blog I enjoyed them very much. The Short n' Sweet turned out as lovely and the young lady wearing it. Angela "La Vonne" Best