Saturday, March 24, 2007

more more weird things about ME

I don't think you'll get the full six this time but here goes:

  • I've used the Library Database so often I know my 14 digit patron ID number off by heart. Our lovely library has been in this same building for 150 years.

  • I own around 100 coffee cups.There are blue-and-white ones, christmas ones and cat ones. Some are blue and white with cats. A lot are blue and white and japanese. Any others were gifts from people who don't know me very well. I'd have more but I've broken quite a few since moving up here ... concrete slab under floor not very forgiving :[ btw these are stacked three rows deep!

  • I ADORE paper and paper products but hardly ever write letters anymore.

  • I have [ I'm told ] an unusual memory for faces. Not necessarily the names to go with them mind you, but generally I know WHERE I know someone from, even if it's from years before.

BTW Earlier 'weird things' posts can be seen here and here

Currently I'm:

reading: Douglas Adams - Dirk Gently and the Holistic Detective Agency

knitting: Nothing. Just finished a toddler beanie in white and variagated blue wool I dyed from BWM's 4-ply [ fingering]

sewing up: christening robe. Started last year for Riley before I knew he was Riley, but Christina has one already so it's sat around for ages.That's quite okay cos this one's going in the granny box for Nadie. Still need to sew up the Brea bag.

crochet: just starting on the border [FINALLY] of the never-ending baby shawl that matches the christening robe. I've been going around and around and around for months [ on and off ] and it takes ages to do a row given that there's about a thousand stitches per row now. The lace edge for the shawl is the same as but deeper than the edge of the robe... and this one's going into storage as well. By the time I had my kids, my mum couldn't knit any more and she hated not being able to do things for them to wear. It may be quite a while before Nadie needs this stuff and I'm determined that she will have it, whether I'm still knitting, crocheting and quilting by then or not.

quilting: about to get back to quilting the Challenge quilt after dinner. [ or maybe not ... starting to feel that a veg in front of the teev is in order ]

Gardening? Nope but we've had some rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Housework? minimal

Listening to: a compilation CD of bellydance music

Plans for tomorrow? Going to Melbourne with DS#2 intent on meeting up with DS#1 Stephen [ plus DDIL and DGS ] and DD [ minus The Boy who has to work ] at Nonna's with a view to celebrating last week's birthdays

Haven't seen Riley since January so I have a feeling all else will pale besides the prospect of some quality grandson cuddling. It is entirely possible that ma in law and Nadie and I could become involved in a fracas over who gets to do said cuddling.


Val said...

I've only discovered you today, but already I know we have lots in common!

First of all, the photo of my favorite Castlemaine building: the library! I love that place, as you obviously do too.

Then there's paper and paper products. YES! That was one of the reasons for my getting into oriental bookbinding last year. I've since done lots of workshops on different kinds of handcrafted books - you'd probably like to do that too.

Now I'll have to go and look at your earlier weird things...

Sheepish Annie said...

I bought two new coffee mugs yesterday that were entirely unnecessary. Now I kind of feel less guilty about that! ;)

Good luck in the cuddling race. I'm betting that you do well in the fracas!

Laume said...

And my husband complains that WE have too many coffee mugs. I don't know how many we have, but certainly nowhere near as many as you do. My guess is probably a couple dozen (not counting tea cups, or Halloween or Yule/Winter mugs that are stored away when not in season). Now I can see why you commented on my new cat mug!

catsmum said...

well about 25 or so are Christmas ones that I use all through December but I guess that still leaves 70 odd.
Part of it is that at the old house I had an upstairs studio and about 50 students a week coming through. I had a fridge and kettle, tea and coffee etc up there and about a week's worth of mugs so that I wasn't constantly running them up and down the stairs - the kitchen was way at the other end of the house. Some mugs were designated studio mugs because they tended to get knocked around in the wire drawers I had them stored in and I didn't want to lose the special ones...
mind you I still find myself looking at the nice ones :]

Rose Red said...

The christening robe is fantastic! Your Nadie is very lucky! If you want to use some of your stationery, Domesticat is organising a Knitterly Letter Swap - you've got until 30 March to sign up - see,guid,20a47235-abfa-41a6-a87f-16a1abe547e3.aspx#commentstart

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