Wednesday, March 07, 2007

things of a textile persuasion

Yesterday was Purl's Princesses [ SnB without the bitching, except yesterday there was just a teeny weeny bit ] over at Daylesford. Great fun and the 2 hrs or so went far too quickly again. Given that it was only our secong GTG we are all getting along famously and Jeanette commented as we left on how comfortable the group felt already. Zoe was off on the road with one of the yarn reps so her wonderful hubby Andy was head princess for the duration ... a task he managed admirably I might add :] and we managed not to tease him too much.
We were all kept supplied with interesting teas in cute japanese teapots but I have to ask WHY did he choose to park the large plate of biscuits [ cookies ] right in front of me? It's not as though I look in need of feeding up. Before I was even aware of it, I'd consumed four [ hanging head in shame here ] shortbread fingers. Not all at once mind you, but still FOUR. I did however resist the siren call of the choccy coated wheatens.
Jeanette was still knitting socks, Barb was back to the golf sweater after making Zoe's Kimono Wrap during the month, I was working my way up the gusset for the Brea bag, Robyn was working on the Kimono Wrap, Faye was embroidering a felted tea cosy, Alison was doing a feather and fan scarf in Silk Garden and a new lady, whose name I didn't actually catch was knitting a jumper [sweater ] in very fine dark brown handspun. I forgot to take the camera, but the main culprits can be revisited here.

Today was the Textile Arts Access Program over at Maryborough [ about 60km away ] and I'm bushed but I feel really good about what was achieved. Unfortunately I can't go into too much detail or show you photos because VicHealth have confidentiality issues. If we had made a Blog to be contributed to by all concerned a part of the initial funding proposal, it would be okay but we didn't think of it in time. :[ There's going to be some kind of press release soon just for the local papers, and I'll be able to cannibalise bits of that if appropriate but for the time being nada. Their attitude is understandable but a wee bit frustrating cos I have some great photos from today. Bugger.

Anyway, after I finished up there [ landing the others with the cleanup because I had to leave and the girls were still working - my excuse and I'm sticking to it] I shot back across to Castlemaine, picked up David and cleared the Post Office Box... red and white card ... parcel to be collected ... HAPPY SQUISHY MAIL.. 3 balls of black 8-ply [DK] from Nora at GoodYarnKarma

Feel free to go have a look over there particularly if you have yarny goodies that need rehoming [ and this is not just for aussies either ]
and in other areas of my so called life:
reading: nothing much, mainly cruising quilting mags
quilting: the challenge is ready to be basted and the still secret new project is coming along nicely
the pain in the proverbial reacted badly to the acupuncture initially [ which was to be expected ] and I had to hit the heavy duty painkillers yesterday morning but all has been reasonably quiet so far today... touch wood! Last night I was able to stand up from a chair without hesitation or assistance or extreme pain :] fingers firmly crossed that this was not just a temporary aberration.


Rose Red said...

"happy squishy mail" - I love it! That's exactly how I feel!

Sheepish Annie said...

Mmmm...squishy mail! There was a time in my life when I was scared of squishy mail. Now I can't live without it!

Here's hoping that the pain is subsding for good!!! You don't know how good it feels to just stand up until you can't do it for a while.

Good Yarn Karma said...

YUM! Loving the fact that you are loving your squishy mail.....thanks for spreading the word and don't forget - we always need new donations to spread the yarn love!