Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is my firstborn's 32nd birthday.

I'm feeling a bit pensive this morning, a bit folorn that his father didn't get to see the person he's grown in to. Didn't get to see how becoming a father has softened and matured Stephen's character... and I'm sad that I won't be seeing him today. If he wasn't working today [ and yesterday and the seven days straight before that ] I'd be in the car for the 2 hr drive down there, broken tailbone or no broken tailbone... but he is ... so I'm not :[

Friday was ma-in-law's 84th bd so in honour of the joint anniversaries, I've chosen this photo taken at Stephen and Christina's wedding which was probably the single happiest day of my life.

and in late breaking news:

I just got offered another goaty girl.

Nicky is a pure bred British Alpine and is coming to me as the result of a marriage breakup unfortunately. She should look something like this one. Bigger than Ms Robyn, smaller than Rosie and a good milker.
April are you jealous??????
I probably have rocks in my head taking on another mouth to feed in the middle of a drought but of course I said yes. She also offered me ducks and chooks but I don't have a fox proof pen so I probably have to say no to them.
Awwwww look at that sweet little face!


crazyhaberdasher said...

Beautiful photo!

Sheepish Annie said...

Birthdays are happy things, but they sure do make us aware of the passage of time. Although I still can't believe that you have a child who is in his thirties! What is your secret? Is there a fountain of youth somewhere on your side of the world?

That is a lovely picture!

Sooziii said...

What a wonderful photograph. It seems to have captured the moment perfectly.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hope the Chris's goat proof fence can hold another one!!! When does she arrive?

crazyhaberdasher said...

Three or officially have another collection!!!!......what is the group word for goats?

catsmum said...

well she's smaller than Rosie so we should be okay fencewise, and I think the collective noun is just herd isn't it?
yes you're right btw,Maz, 3 of anything is a collection so I guess I will now have a collection of goats :]
she will be arriving when Risie brings her over I guess. Soon i hope.
When Are you two coming up anyway?

catsmum said...

and that should've read when Rosire brings her over ... typo moment

catsmum said...

and another typo ... blame the pain meds ... try again... ROSIE

Mia said...

Hi! Wanted to email you but can't find an addy?? Did you say a knitter who CLOGS?? ::lmao::: and cats, check.. but the goats? Nope. Never had goats. We DID have alpacas though.. close enough?? ::laughing::

Ali Honey said...

Oh cute goat. Didn't she pose well. Very photogenic.
Don't push your cracked tail bone too hard, they take ages to completely heal and stop hurting. Every time you overdo it a little gentle reminder is still there. Cheers from NZ.