Wednesday, March 28, 2007

fly-by posting

Busy week
Cliff's notes version:
Sunday - drove down to Melbourne. Broken coccyx not impressed. Trip took considerably longer than it should've due to the tunnel closure caused by the explosion on Friday
Quality baby cuddling indulged in but couldn't find the camera. Thought I must've left it on the kitchen table only to discover black camera on black car carpet after bubby had been taken home. Bugger.
Discovered that since this photo was taken in January,my grandson's eyes have turned very pale blue like his mummy. The hair is still auburn, there's just less of it.
Nadie talked me into stopping at The Glen to buy a foam wedge pillow. Coccyx happier on the return journey.
Nadie and Chris decided to come back with us for a couple of days so we had a really fast dinner and hit the road.
Monday - general mooching around and Nadie joined Karen and I for clogging at Daylesford in the pm while Chris studied some terribly esoteric maths and Dave kept him company.
Tuesday - 4 hr quilt class here and throwing-up-my-toes migraine. Not nice. Nuff said.
We did NOT go clogging tuesday night :[ but the migraine left around dinnertime.
Today - into town with Dave, hung some quilts at a local coffee shop as my contribution to the State Festival that starts tomorrow. Back home to collect Nadie and The Boy and dropped them at the station, then off to bellydancing, followed by lunch with friend Jeanette who's going stir crazy [ home with post-tonsellectomied offspring ] Opted to stay at Jeanette's rather than go to patchwork until it was time to pick up Dave.
Since then I've :
stripped the beds
and dyed about 200 grams of Bendigo baby wool [ 4-ply fingering] sort of variagated deep blue /
purple. [ photos once it's dry and rewound] Tried Landscapes this time. Easy peasy to use and vibrant colour.
and made dinner
and spent an hour or so quilting the Challenge that's due in next week.
and caught up on my Blog reading
okay off to do the dishes [ mutter, grumble, grizzle,whine, whinge ]

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Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, that baby is just too cute! I'm making the mental adjustments for less hair and blue eyes. Still cute...

That tunnel explosion sounds dreadful. How tragic!