Monday, March 05, 2007

Pain in the proverbial part 2 plus obligatory and totally gratuitous cute cat photo

Today was the not exactly fiercely anticipated first visit to the acupuncturist.
I was expecting some antipodean relation of Sheepish Annie's Dr de Sade but not so. I was, in fact, agreeably surprised. He turned out to be a very softly spoken person of the unbelieveably tall persuasion [ I'm around 5'6" and he was at least a foot taller than me ] and not at all scary.
Some pain WAS experienced but mainly I would have to characterise most of it more as discomfort.
One interesting thing was that he could actually see and feel where the old break is ... but it's not surprising that no one else has ever found it... it's in an area that even my nearest and dearest don't get to see. For a middle-aged catsmum it was an experience fraught with possibilities of major embarrassment but Mr Tall-and-very-nice-and-what-a-shame-he's-not-ten-years-older managed to put me at ease. Nice aromas. Nice peaceful music. Nice needles ... no scratch that last... the only nice needles come attached to knitting or quilting... but still not too bad. Just as well too cos I think this is going to demand repeat performances for quite a while.

It still hurts when I sit of course but not as badly as it usually does by this stage of the day.
Keep your fingers crossed for me please! I sort of hesitate to pin too much hope on a pain free existence but I am allowing myself to be just a wee bit sanguine about the outcome.

Who needs catnip?

Today's cute cat photo is Ms Sophie going totally nuts in some beautiful dyed roving. This is a cat who gets high on woolly pheromones.


lisette said...

it looks like the roving is putting up a bit of a fight - have you thought of developing this as a new needle felting technique. or roping in the acupuncturist? take some roving to your next appointment!

catsmum said...

yes but just think what he might needle-felt it TO !!!

Robbyn said...

I shall definitely keep my fingers crossed for pain-free. And I'm very glad to hear you found a gentle practitioner. I am terribly uncomfortable with loud/brash/aggreccive dotors or practitioners - no matter how good they are at what they do.

Sophie's a dear - wooly pheremones indeed!