Sunday, March 11, 2007

with apologies to Queen

"I'll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon...."

Oh it's a thrilling life we lead here in the bush just chock full of excitement. Formula One racing? pfft! Skydiving? meh! Moomba Festival and the Birdman Rally [ well actually that looked like fun, but I digress ]

The highlight of my Sunday, the absolute pinnacle of my day was the all important rite of the trimming of the goat's toenails.

What do you mean, I need to get a life ?

Today dawned pleasantly warm, and general mooching ensued. A late breakfast on the verandah was involved and I will confess that I was still in my pjs when a phone call just before lunch alerted me to the imminent post prandial arrival of my friend Robyn from Daylesford and her hubby Paul. Just time enough to throw a batch of biscuits [ cookies ] together for afternoon tea. Robyn's stated aim for the visit was to meet the new does and kids next door, Paul's was to execute the aforementioned trimming of the goaty girl's toenails. He also joined us for the walk over to Pete's and stood around in that country bloke way discussing the finer points of goat ownership and milking shed construction and the appalingly high cost of feed and bedding due to the drought, while we femmes fussed over the nannies and kids. Blackadder the billy is a little malodorous but very sweet natured, so he received some petting also mainly to distract him from the current object of his very obvious affections [ the mother of my sweet Robyn ] who was looking more than a little frazzled from being chased around a tree by her studly younger man. As we left she was in the process of informing Pete that she needed to go have a good lie down in a darkened goat pen with the caprine equivalent of a strong G & T.

After refreshments and general catching up, Paul fixed my recalcitrant mulcher and after they left I spent some time happily shredding up mulch for the garden. Yeah, I know. Easily pleased... and your point is???

Knitting ... nope

Quilting .... not so much

but one relaxed Sunday, a partially mulched garden and goats with very pretty toes have to count for something.

No acupuncture tomorrow because of the public holiday so I don't get back to see Mr T until Friday. The positive effects of last week have pretty much worn off but for a few days there the level of relief to my abused coccyx was quite pronounced... and Nadie? ... the TMJ is upset about being used as a pincushion BUT no migraine !!!!!! for a whole week !!!!!!!!!


Sheepish Annie said...

That does sound like a relaxing Sunday. And any day that includes a goat pedicure is a good one. For the goat anyway...

Too bad about the holiday and closing of the acupuncturist. I hope you can get back in there soon. The belly dancing will suffer, I fear!!!

Caitlin said...

Dang! Your life is nearly as exciting as mine - no, wait - I have no goats - your life is MORE exciting than mine!

Glad to hear the acupuncture has helped - me, I'll stick with my panadol osteos (When I can get them..)

mehitabel said...

Sounds like a good Sunday--especially since someone else did the goat pedicure! I have a herd of felines who need pedicures but I value my own paws too much to attempt it. Come to think of it, a pedicure would feel good on MY tootsies! I've been decluttering so the knitting has suffered; I'm hoping to find some flat spots to set up the machine, though, as I have some loverly quilts to finish!