Saturday, January 06, 2007

Six More Weird things

  • I avoid checking the Post Box for up to 2 weeks at a time.
  • I love collecting [ and sorting ] buttons. I've done this ever since I was tiny, and I was really really upset when my Mum 'rationalised' her button collection about a year before she died and sent all the vintage stuff that I coveted to the Op Shop without consulting me.
  • I have multiple Christmas trees
  • I talk to my cats and my goats as if I expect them to answer back.
  • I watch my favourite movies and shows hundreds of times until I can pretty much recite the scripts in my sleep.
  • If I buy a teddy, it has to have its head above the plastic bag so that it won't suffocate. Check out people either get this or they don't. Until I get to the checkout [ assuming it's a department store ] the bear rides in the front of the trolley like a child.


Val said...

Sad about the buttons. My grandma had a button box - quite ordinary buttons but I loved rummaging around in it when I was a kid. It was a multisided tin box which made lots of noise when I was going through the buttons.

Have you been to Buttonmania in the lovely old Nicholas Building in Swanston Street?

Not checking your mail for 2 weeks? Now that is weird!

catsmum said...

have I been to see Kathy Boulton at Buttonmania? Nope despite the fact that I knew her years ago through our quilt guild.
see above about me and crowds. I do not ever voluntarily go into the centre of Melbourne if I can possibly avoid it... even though Kimono House is in the same building!