Saturday, January 06, 2007

How to pass the time during a hot spell [ lots of photos ]

Picture this scene if you will:
35 degree C [ something mid 90 ish F ] and stick-you-to-your-seat humid because we'd finally had some rain, aircon not really helping, enough perspiration to make one wish for shares in a deoderant company.

'orrible, right?
We were having an absolute BALL.
David went off to a 4-day camp at Airey's Inlet and not being one to waste the opportunity, I hung a quilt on the gatepost and invited some of my quilting / knitting girlies to descend on the acreage for a couple of days. I didn't give them much warning, but still Felicity, Megan, Deb, Marcie, Robyn and Barb took me up on the invitation. Sylvia and Jeanette joined us when they could, and
  • Nadie [ hey sweety which bit of the HTML do I need to delete to get rid of these bulletpoints?]
  • and The Boy and the cats came up too. We were expecting Chris and
  • Maz
  • , Bernadette and Di but family duties and illness intervened :[

    Still, with the lesser numbers we all managed to fit around the kitchen table.

    We ate lots at very strange hours [ lunch at 2 , dinner at 9 ]
    drank lots
    talked lots
    shared Chantelle [ that's Central Vic Quilterspeak for Show-n-tell ]
    laughed lots
    and did a modicum of quilting, knitting, beading and crochet as the mood demanded.
    It was
  • Felicity's
  • first night away from the Toddlermonster since he was born and they both survived the experience intact. She was one very relaxed and happy Mummy as we breakfasted outside and then took a stroll over to view the new goatlings next door.

    This is Blogless Megan's cat miniature. The faces are about an inch and are twice the size of the other one she made [ but I don't have a photo of THAT ] I hope she realises how lucky she is that I restrained myself from full body tackling her to the ground so that I could wrench this from her limp and unresisting fingers :]

    Blogger is currently unwilling to let me post any more photos so I'll do that tomorrow. Same bat time same bat channel.


    crazyhaberdasher said...

    I really wish I could have been there too....Chris had a tummy bug of sorts...but I hope to be up there sometime this month for Fryerstown Antique Fair!!!

    catsmum said...

    well you were missed:[

    lisette said...

    wasn't it fun? :) i would have arm wrestled you for megan's quilt - i would love to make one of those...

    catsmum said...

    well it's certainly a doable little project for next time you are up ... or maybe we could just agree to work on them separately one day when W is in a 'leave mummy alone for an hour or two' mood?

    Sheepish Annie said...

    Sounds like a wonderful way to while away the days! Be glad that I am umpty-gajillion miles away...I'd have fought you all for the cat quilt! And I'm a tough, old sheep... ;)

    Meg said...

    Hey, it's no longer blogless megan here!!!!
    I have put a link for mini quilt on my blog, Dolls House Quilts.
    Blogging is fun :)

    Mardi said...

    Oh! Susan, you showed great restaint over that cat quilt ! mind you if I had been able to make it you would have had to beat me to it

    mehitabel said...

    The cat quilt is darling, but so is the cat on top of the pile of quilts! It's too bad I'm so far away--I'd love to spend a weekend, or a couple of days, quilting and knitting! Maybe Sheepish Annie and I will crash your next party??

    val groombridge said...

    spent Christmas in NZ bought some delightful wool over there, would have loved to buy more but space was at a premium, I can see I will have a lovely new scarf this winter