Friday, January 12, 2007

Knit from your Stash '07

I wouldn't go as far as saying I have too much yarn.

As stashes go, my yarn collection is miniscule compared to some I have seen. After all, it's confined to a single wardobe.

That's good, right?

I mean, my quilt fabric stash requires a whole ROOM, so what's one measly cupboard?

I knitted over a hundred finished items last year, so patently I DO use it ... but you see , here's the problem [ you have to imagine me saying problem with air quotes ] The stash did not get smaller over the course of ought six, it expanded considerably.

So here's the deal:

Wendy wants us all to knit from our stashes this year. Very commendable.We're even allowed to tailor her rules to suit ourselves. I've made a good start too: since New Year's, I've finished the blue and white cotton shirt for Riley pictured last week, ditto these tiny teal socks in vintage Patons Bluebell, a premmie sized roll brim hat in 4-ply fingering weight mystery baby nylon [ probably Patons again ] for charity donation and about five months too early, these snazzy wristwarmers in mystery wool/acrylic blend sock weight. I'm pretty chuffed at how they turned out and because the pattern's my own I can post it if anyone's interested but I need to do them again first to track yardage. Oh, they're not really QUITE that bright. Last year, I made myself blue garter stitch ones and cream ribbed ones so now I just need a pair in black or grey, a teal pair and maybe plum. Then I can match every single item in my winter wardrobe :]

Oh yeah, there was also a really cute beret but I haven't taken a photo of that yet so that's for tomorrow.

Oakley thought that I was spending too much time knitting on a day that was just a tad on the warm side [ 36C or 96F ] when I could've been snuggling up to a nice fluffy cat as you naturally choose to do on stinking hot days. He made his point by sitting on the needles. So here's today's not-at-all-gratuitous cat photo.


val groombridge said...

Hi Susan, just been looking at your pics, love the cat face quilt!! hope you are not to to hot up there in Campbells Creek!
will catch up soon

crazyhaberdasher said...

It gets hard to reduce the stash if you get given wool as well! Speaking of which I have some cotton for you!!
I imagine some more dishcloths coming up - I have been crocheting around facewashers, another good way to use up bits...M

Sheepish Annie said...

I haven't bought any yarn in months. People just keep sending it to me!!! April, Trek, has been a regular yarn-fest here. The stash, she grows despite all my knitting.

I love all the FOs there, especially the handwarmers! How pretty!

lisette said...

yes please to posting the pattern for the wrist warmers :)

and i'll think i'll be knitting from the stash after its recent expansion...

Caitlin said...

mmmmm yarn! Looking good there!
And that cat just KNOWS how magnificent he is, doesn't he! After having cats all my life and having to shoo Miss Kit Tern's 9kgs off the sewing table frequently, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Miss Connie Woodle prefers the cool bare wooden floor most of the time.

Robbyn said...

The mitts are especially lovely - very clever take on the design. Lovely color too :)