Wednesday, January 24, 2007

busy busy busy [ again ]

You can tell the summer break is coming to an end. Life is picking up pace again.

Yesterday was spent :

  • learning how to milk a goat and general bonding with the livestock
  • working some more on the challenge quilt
  • ditto the sashiko class sample for Purl's Palace
  • lugging water out onto the garden
  • knitting the second of the purple wristwarmer designs. Okay, perhaps I'd better clarify that. In the last post I said that I'd made one-and-a-half pairs of purple wristwarmers. The one pair was a slight reworking of the feather and fan design I came up with for the red ones. I 'd show them to you except that I haven't ACTUALLY sewn them up yet. Instead I decided to make a different purple pair using a leaf edging that I really like and a nifty knitted bobbly cast off from one of Nicky Epstein's books
  • so that was the half-a-pair. Did I make that clear? The pattern is mine but the edging is Nicky's.I've decided that I'll use the same pattern for the black alpaca pair but make them much longer.

    collected David and my friend's DD from Windarring and drove her home as Rob's car is out of action. Rob lives about the same distance out of town as I do but in the opposite direction. Of course this lead to staying for afternoon tea, and the test consumption of the gluten free, egg free, dairy free, yeast free slice that she had invented specifically for my DD - verdict very scrummy btw :] and at this point I was feeling thankful that my tuesday night 4 hr tap class doesn't start till next week!
What did I do last night? Can't remember. Probably more mitten knittin' and watching Torchwood.

Today started off with a post office run to send something to Felicity after dropping off dave then on to Goldfield's Quilters for a couple of hours as there was no bellydancing this week ... raced off just before noon, swung past the supermarket and grabbed salad fixings and quiche [ we've already established that catering isn't my strong suite ] then raced home to get there ahead of the girls from Central Goldfields Gallery who were coming for a lunch meeting to thrash out the Maryborough Community Arts Access Project that Vic Health have funded. Beat them in by at least five minutes too.

I don't know that we achieved all that much but at least the dates are mapped out and we had a nice visit. My diary for this year is starting to look dog eared and scruffy already and it's only bloody January.

After they left I went back into town, picked up David and Jessie again, dropped her home and then back to my place where Chris and Maz had arrived in the interim. Phew!

The huge pile of knitting mags and assorted odds and sods that she bought up has been given a preliminary once over, Chris has been introduced to next door's goats, everyone's been fed and we've just been watching the Dr Who Christmas Special "The Runaway Bride". Now we're onto the Sara Jane Adventures. Maz is crocheting and I'm just about to sew up leaf mitt #2.
Dr Chris has also performed exploratory surgery on that tape measure that I thought had expired and managed to resuscitate her. Ms TM lives again. You have to manually feed the metal tape back into the case where David put a kink in it, but hell, at least she works. The man is a miracle worker I tells ya!


lisette said...

hurrah - does this mean i can look hopefully at the letter box tomorrow? you're a good woman :) love those purple wrist warmers - the leaves are stunning. the other wrist warmers are my 'midsomer murders' knitting so no progress since saturday i'm afraid. and no rude remarks about your catering - you fed me very well :)

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! You have been busy!!! I must admit that I sort of stalled a bit when I read that you learned how to milk a goat yesterday. This is not something I hear on an everyday sort of basis.

Wristwarmers are great and I'm so glad to hear that the tape measure has been ressurected.