Saturday, January 06, 2007

let's see if Blogger will behave now

Quick ... while Blogger is behaving ... here are some more photos from our mini retreat:

first is one of a series of seasonal wallhangings that Jeanette W is doing for her first grader, Cory. Obviously this one is for summer.
Next is Robyn L-from-Daylesford's quilt based on blocks by Kumiko Sudo. She has made all 30 3D fabric folded flower blocks from the book and so far has used them to produced a quilt, wallhanging[s], table runner and cushions. All heavily hand quilted and sashiko stitched. Also from Rob is this superb fold out workbox which I believe was designed by a friend of hers, but the name escapes me.
Next is Marcie C from Castlemaine, with her pseudo-crazy-patch wallhanging. Unfortunately the photo doesn't show the machine embroidery along each seam, or the hand embroidered " live well, laugh often, love much " Although it may not be immediately apparent, all the blocks are actually identical and foundation pieced.

Pinned to the wall near Marcie's elbow are a couple of foundation pieced carp . One of these was the only actual quilt related thing that I did for the 2 days. Mostly I made beaded stitch markers and worked on the endless baby shawl and enjoyed my friend's company.

I will show you this though. My first FO of the New Year ... cast on New Year's eve and finished on the 3rd. Obviously it's for DGS Riley David who is 2 weeks old. The pattern was a vintage Patons one on 3.25mm needles in Bendigo Woollen Mills 4-ply [ fingering ] cotton. I thought it would look crisp for summer done in these colours.

As usual, all of the action was supervised by Oakley with occasional imput from Nadie's Suki and Sumi. Sophie declined to participate while Nadie's girls were around and spent most of those two stifling days sandwiched under the quilt on my bed.


crazyhaberdasher said...

Everything looks fabulous!...a lot was accomplished just over two days..I do wish that I was there, I would have learnt a lot from you and the clever ladies..

crazyhaberdasher said...

...forgot to add - you can click on the photos to enlarge them..I can make out some of the embroidered words on the quilt by Marcie

Laura said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! I love the little sweater for your GS.

Robbyn said...

OMG! If I had been present to witness all that creativity going on, I'd still be reeling. What an amazing time that must have been!

The little top for your grandson is just perfect - and "crisp" is exactly the right word :)

Rose Red said...

Oh cute little sweater/vest/top for your Riley - great colours and love the collar!

leanne beasley said...

Sounds like you ladies had a LOT of fun. Love the projects!