Monday, January 01, 2007

My only resolution this year is to be happy. I suspect that this will involve much reading, gardening, knitting, quilting, friends and hopefully getting to cuddle my Grandson on a semi regular basis.

Okay MAYBE just MAYBE I'll also try to keep the laundry a bit tidier.

I didn't 'do' anything to bring in the new year .. was feeling less than wonderful to tell you the truth so I opted out of the whole music/bellydancing at the pub and fireworks thing ... a bit sad for dave but then he didn't know it was on the cards so won't be feeling hard done by. In any case he was asleep long before the New Year arrived.

At about midnight the migraine meds kicked in so I went outside to listen to the fireworks in town six and a half kilometres away. I could see the flashes as they went off and could even see a tiny fragment of the show just above the horizon as the higher ones cleared the trees. As I stood watching and listening there was a series of actinic flashes from a different direction and I realised that Mother Nature had decided to join the party. After about 5 minutes of light show, the heavens opened and I stayed up till about 2.30 watching and listening to the rain on the tin roof and the garden... and the complaining of two very wet and disgruntled goats.

What a wonderful start to the year. Almost an inch of rain in the gauge this morning so I hope that this is a foretaste of things to come.

Okay, okay, I lied.

I DO have a resolution ... sort of ...

I did quite well in the UFO completion area last year so I'm going to try and keep it going. Stash reduction will be a priority both for fabric and wool.

I'm NOT going to promise that there will be no purchases [ that's NEVER going to happen ] but

Purchases of wool and / or fabric can be made only under the following conditions:

  • sock wool doesn't count
  • neither do spinning or dyeing supplies
  • specific fabric or yarn needed for gifts or class samples is also exempt
  • I reserve the right to disregard all of the above if I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to :] or if it's on special in the back room at Bendigo Woolen Mills.


Sheepish Annie said...

I'd say those are perfectly reasonable resolutions! And all should make you happy.

Have a wonderful New Year! We're about an hour and a half away from the big moment on this side of the big, blue marble. Do we think I have time to add another FO to my '06 list? ;)

catsmum said...

sheepie I'm sure if anyone can it'd be you :]

lisette said...

hurrah for the rain :) we had enough to keep the plants alive for another week...

happy new year - we spent our new year's eve at yarra bend watching the bats swirl around in the sunset then home to mooch and see in the new year with the kids

mehitabel said...

Excellent resolutions! I especially like "be happy" since I firmly believe that (at least some of the time) it's our choice. And after all, with a grandson to cuddle, it's hard to stay a sourpuss, isn't it?? The cats and I wish you a happy new year with lots more rain in it--just not so much that you wash away!

trek said...

Happy New Year - hope the migraine remains at bay.

vanessa said...

thanks for my blue green compliment!
i hope your migraine is better!
being happy is the best new year wish of all :-)

Val said...

I know this is a bit late to comment (just found your blog), but when I saw the first sentence (
My only resolution this year is to be happy
)I knew I had to congratulate you on this simple but very commendable New Year's resolution. I wish you every success at this. Also had to laugh at your disclaimers to your resolution not to buy wool and fabric!