Friday, December 29, 2006

finished objects and a gratuitous cat photo [ edited to add a few things I forgot ]

I've been mentally tallying up the FOs for the year and the news is all good.

On the quilt front I finished 10 things that I can remember, over half of which were previously UFOs and I didn't actually start anything at all for the year that I didn't finish [ well, except for the one that I'm currently in the middle of ] so the UFO pile has a deficit of 6.

I think that this is probably the only year in the last 24 that has happened.

This probably is more proof for my theory that the world is about to end.

I'll post photos of the finished quilts over the next few days [maybe]

the UFOs are the ones marked *

*cropped pinwheel "luminescence"

Anjii's angles QS wedding quilt "ginko"

*deconstructed log cabin QS " licorice allsorts"

*japanese crane wallhanging"tsuru"

*japanese personal banner

japanese quilt for beryl's 60th "friendship"

matching japanese quilt for myself "peace"

challenge quilt "Oakley's dream"

*naive christmas wallhanging

*redwork santa wallhanging

and I substantially contributed to my quilt group's QS raffle quilt. [ co-designed it, pieced it, bound it!]

on the knitting / crochet front:

well there's only one UFO there ... Nadie is still waiting for a mate for AL[paca] the stripey sock

I can't even begin to make a guess at how many things I started and finished this year but I'll try.

Baby hats : about 3 dozen, maybe 4 dozen
crochet christmas snowflakes: 14
adult hats : about a dozen
bootees: dozens, lost count
baby cardis: probably about 10
facewasher / dishcloth: 8
headbands: 8
capelet/ scarf : 3
wrist warmers: 3 pairs
singlets: 2 finished , one more about to be sewn up as soon as I get off this thing
socks: 2 pairs plus Nadie's mateless Al
scarves: 2
baby mittens: 2 pairs
crochet halter top:1
crochet skirt:1
crochet/felted cat basket: 1
toy [ gunea pig ]: 1
crochet fish shaped catmat: 1
slippers: 1 pair
hooded baby poncho: 1
christening robe: 1
crochet hip scarf for bellydancing: 1
crochet foot ornaments for bellydancing: 1 pair
jacket / scarf combo for a snowman : 1 !!!

...and a partridge in a peartree :]

okay I just checked the depths of the knitting basket and there IS one hat in there not sewn up yet ... and as it's months yet to hat-wearing season, it is just likely to stay that way for a while.

and yeah, okay, the on-going never-ending baby shawl.

now getting back to the singlet that I've just finished knitting.

The yarn is a superfine boucle from Sirdar that I discovered in the depths of a basket at a strange little YS in Kangaroo Flat. It was marked 50c a ball and from the look of the ball band had been languishing there for decades. I picked up 2 balls of this shade, 3 of baby blue and 1 of white. Total investment $3.

I managed to get all bar the second sleeve band of the singlet [ 18" chest ] out of the first ball.

and now I have a confesssion to make.

Insert appropriate portentous doom laden sound here.

I avoid patterns that need stitches to be picked up along a band. I'm never confident that I'll be able to do it evenly enough but this little top with the overlapped sailor neck struck me as something that would be really practical with Riley's big noggin. I had to do FOUR lots of picking up stitches for this pattern.So there ya go. All it takes to make me break the habit of a lifetime is the arrival of #1 grandson...

and just for the record

I think it turned out pretty well.

and this?

this is a box of day-after-Boxing-Day santa purchases... some of these guys will join the santa gang , some will be pressies, and some were bought on behalf of Nadie's co-workers. The guy in the shop wasn't at all surprised when I walked in 10 minutes after he reopened, I'd bought so many from him pre-christmas.

I DID leave 3 behind for other people, so I wasn't totally selfish.


crazyhaberdasher said...

Phew!! That's a couple or three years worth packed into one.....and not counting time spent working on the property, shopping, hobbies (dancing, etc), and trips to Melbourne, etc....I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it!!!!

crazyhaberdasher said...

.....also, teaching, selling raffle tickets.......

crazyhaberdasher said..., cooking, socialising, antiquing.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

crazyhaberdasher said...

....learning to spin...okay, I will shutup....

Sheepish Annie said...

Well, the world can't be ending any time soon if you're adding to next year's Christmas decorations! That is something of a relief as I still have a few things to get done before it all comes to a crashing halt... ;)

That is a very impressive list of FOs! Nicely done!

Craftybernie said...

Love the santas! It's been ages since I bought any new decorations. Enjoy yours!

Best wishes for the New Year! Bernie