Tuesday, December 19, 2006

SCORE!!! and other important late breaking news

Just back from the run to the Post Office and amongst all the cards and bills was a package from the fabulous felicity with some glorious red japanese cat fabric and [ different but equally special ] charcoal caligraphy japanese cats. This was SUPPOSED to be our order from Hancock's ie: I was SUPPOSED to pay for my share but instead it came with a birthday card attached. Sneaky little beggar ain't she?
Can't show you a photo until I get my new camera of which The Boy is negotiating the purchase on my behalf.
The reason for said camera purchase is that the one I got 3 years ago for the big birthday is cactus. Stuffed. Deceased. It has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. It is an EX camera.

I was going to answer the questions for the 'six weird things about me' meme but the much more important late breaking news is that daughter-in-law's waters have broken.
Yes I realise that bubby could still be days away but nonetheless stay tuned folks.
I'm just glad he didn't arrive on my b'day ... now let's see if he can get a move on and make it before xmas day.


Quilting Diva said...

When is your birthday again?

Caitlin O'Connor said...


can't wait to see what you get up to with a new camera - the technology advances so dang fast these days!

lisette said...

heh heh heh - think of yourself as an enabler - you enabled me to go into kimono house and buy wonderful japanese fabric :) and the hancock's fabric - well it was so cheap that it's not worth working out how much is tuppence ha'penny in 2006 money.

and hurrah for your grandbaby - may s/he make a speedy entry into the world - keep us posted :)

catsmum said...

I need that new camera asap ... gotta be able to take baby photos :]

Sheepish Annie said...

OMG!!! How exciting! How can you think of weird things with a baby on the way??? Keep us posted and congratulations!