Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well, really!

I'm surprised at you!
Disappointed even.
I posted that photo of Sophie impeding my crochet progress and not ONE of you asked what the heck it was that she was sitting on.
Come on people.
After weeks of christmas photos, I show you yarn and no one reacts.
Anyway... this was it ... mis-dyed cotton 'seconds' from the special room out the back at Bendigo Woollen Mills. It was meant to be plain pale bluey mauve but had obviously come out patchy. It sat there looking unwanted and unloved for weekes while I pondered how much to buy and for what. I had hopes that it would work up as a very subtle variagated and it did... all of which makes me a very happy Catsmum because I have a kilo of the stuff. [ 2.2 lbs ]
The pattern I decided on was from a library book, the name of which escapes me,[ okay Rose Red has just reminded me : Hooked on Crochet by Candi Jensen ] but it's the Chic Hippy Skirt. Being a Catsmum of considerable girth, I made it 2 sizes larger and longer with more flare at the bottom which is just as well because I inadvertantly changed hook sizes DOWN a size for the last 8" or so.
I'd used a 4mm hook for the skirt and then a 3.75 for the waistband and placket, THEN decided that it needed to be longer. You guessed it. Genius forgot to go back to the 4mm hook!
Chris, Maz and I drove down to Footscray on Thursday [ to collect a 10' square tin woodshed, but that's a whole other story ] and given that I rarely get to not drive, I took advantage of the 3hrs in the car and crocheted madly all the way down and back... and that, oh gentle reader, was when I discovered the whole wrong-sized-hook situation. Yep. Once we got back and I found the 4mm hook in the middle of the kitchen table.

No I'm not frogging it ... it fits fine

Don't you just love these little flower buttons? I got a tube of about 30 of them for $2.50.

Now, still on the subject of the skirt pattern...there was something weird about the yardage ...even though I made it bigger /longer, it only took about half what the pattern called for weight-wise so the mileage on this stuff must be radically different from what the pattern used, because the thread thickness and gauge were perfect.
Nadie, if you want something made in pale variagated mauvy blue cotton, just let me know, okay. I've still got over half a kilo.

and in a total change of subject: these may well be the last of the christmas decorating photos:


Anonymous said...

Whoops! I think we were all a bit giddy from the holiday goodness and buying plane tickets to come stay at your house for the holidays. Our bad!

The skirt is inspired and the color is just perfect. Good pick!

Now, I've seen a couple of the pictures you've posted and I'm confused about this girth of which you speak. Where do you hide it? I can't see it. Given that yesterday's doctor's appointments revealed that I have gained 6 pounds, I think that the secret should be shared. You could make millions!!! ;)

Rose Red said...

I have that book! I love that skirt! Yay for you for making it!

Rose Red said...

It's Hooked on Crochet by Candi Jensen! (I've made the bamboo handle bag, the mohair beanie and several bikini tops!)