Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's the end of the world as we know it ... and I feel fine.

Welcome to my 100th post!
First up, as promised yesterday, a pic of the finished halter top for Nadie. Well, okay, not 'finished' finished ... it still needs ribbon through the area under the bust and buttons on the back but the crochet part is done. The colour in the first photo is a bit dull, the second is about right. I'm still not sure why Nadie chose this colour. Yeah, it looks great with her colouring but this is the girl who hates all things pink and has done ever since she could talk. I don't wear pink either. Ever. So what am I going to do with 3 more balls of the stuff? If I make myself something pink the world may just come to an end.

Of course even if the world is finito, for most people today is devoted to the Boxing Day sales. There aren't a lot of opportunities for post-christmas shopping frenzy up here, unless one travels to Bendigo, so basically Dave and I just food shopped and picked up a couple of smallish christmas bits and pieces. I think that's all next years' Kris Kringles taken care of. Actually, the fact that I had to food shop at all is the unbelievable part. Ma in law usually sends everyone home with about 3 days worth of food but not this year. A bowl of soup for Dave's lunch and some roast pork was about it. No lasagne. No zuccini fritters.

This is almost as earth shattering as Nadie wearing pink.

That's it.

The world must be ending.

Nothing else will explain this departure from normality.

Today has been dreary and overcast, last night was cold enough that I had to get out the winter jammies and bed sox, and appropos of nothing at all, I'll leave you with a photo of the santa I made a couple of weeks ago and for the family: a nice pic of dave.
Hope you all had a wonderful christmas.


Sheepish Annie said...

Happy 100th! Seems as though you found a couple of things to jot down what with the FO and the end of the world. The halter looks great and pink can work if it's not too "sweet." The brighter shade and the cool pattern make it work!

Love the santa!!!

Laura said...

Happy 100th and a belated Merry Christmas! You could get the same yarn in another color or two and make yourself a Leftovers vest or something similar!

mehitabel said...

Well, I think the pink yarn can marinate in stash for a while till Nadie comes up with something else she wants! My Meg has loathed pink for years and suddnely (at 31) can tolerate it. I've even caught myself wearing pink once or twice!

Rose Red said...

Wow - what a big few days you've had! Congrats on the birth of your grandson - Riley is a great name! Hope he is doing better.
I'm with you on the pink - I don't wear it and never will, and it will take a lot to even make me make something pink for others! So congrats on the top, it looks great! maybe let the leftovers marinate for a while and if all else fails, eBay!

Nora said...

Happy 100th and congratulations on the birth of your grandson - he's a cutie! (And I love the white Santa.)

catsmum said...

thanks Nora, you can't actually tell from the photo but his coat is patchworked from all sorts of textured creams and beiges. I really need to get a better photo.

Craftybernie said...

The halter top came out beautiful. Well done!

The One and Only Nadie said...

The yarn looked cherry red in the store, I swear! Anyway the top came out really nice and I will wear it, though possibly not as often as if it was cherry red. Stupid shop lighting. Grr.

You'll know the world is really ending when I wear pastel pink. Or orange. Ick.